operating system not found

  waj 19:35 20 Sep 2004

About 1 time in 4 the PC won't start & gives the message "operating system not found". I ran a segate diagnostic & it reported 2 file structure errors, 1)invalid free space value 2)invalid media descriptor. I have read that the 2nd error means that the hard drive is not recognised. How can it be recognised sometimes & not others? Where is the media descriptor, is it part of the BIOS or on the hard drive? How can i put things right.
I have done a virus check, scandisk & re-installed windows to no avail.
Thanks for any advice


  joethebow 20:59 20 Sep 2004

I'm not sure what's wrong but you may be about to loose the HDD if it is faulty. Backup anything important you have on the HDD before you do anything else.

Go into your BIOS and make sure the HDD is set to 'Autodetect' Make sure all the cables to the HDD are secure, at both ends. If that doesn't help you need more help than I can provide, sorry.


  Night Ryder 21:39 20 Sep 2004

You don't say what OP system you are using but do a thorough check on the drive (scandisk etc.,). If you have many bad blocks reported then your drive is dying. Back up as soon as possible and replace the drive.

  waj 22:40 20 Sep 2004

Thanks for the good advice about backing up. I am running windows 98se. As far as i can tell all cables are secure.


  Rtus 22:58 20 Sep 2004

If you havent added anything (another Hd/Cdr/CDRW sharing the same Ide cable ?) it may be due to the drive startup being slow,usually showing up on cold starts,clearing when warm. also check jumper settings & for the right motherboards ide drivers being loaded? (jumper settings modes etc available by model number on seagate site too)I thought the seagate diagnostic had a utility to verify the Hd function & able to correct errors, but maybe Im wrong.

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