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  casper69 07:32 28 Mar 2006

morning all
im building a new pc at the mo and will be buying windows xp home edition could i use Ubuntu as my o/s instead of windows and save my self £60.

p.s. how do i make the click here link appear on my post?

  octal 07:37 28 Mar 2006

Have you used any Linux distribution before? If you haven't you should try it first as some can't get on with it. I use Xandros and now never use Windows at home.

If you want to insert a click here just enter the URL and the site will change it into a click here, try it.

  casper69 07:46 28 Mar 2006


do you think it would be better to get Ubuntu to send me the cd-rom or download it and then on cd,
as if it saves me £60 i dont mind living with it.

click here
dont click this link its just a test.

  octal 08:05 28 Mar 2006

If you are new to Linux I think you might be better off actually paying £30 - £40 for one of the distros. The reason I say that is if you are new to Linux you have an awful lot of leg work installing and configuring it to run as you want, any of the free ones are very basic, so you need to know how to install programs, Linux isn't Windows, you can't just double click a file and it will install the program, whereas the paid for distros can be loaded and run with a minimum of setting up.

The reason I say this is that I'm not trying to put you off using Linux, its just that I don't want you to start using it and find its not as easy as you thought to use and become disappointed and ditch it. Its a marvellous system once you get used to it, but it does take some learning.

As far as downloading it, its up to you, if you are on fast Broadband, download it, you may have to instal one of the P to P programs like BitTorrent, I'm not sure how Ubuntu manage their downloads.

  mgmcc 09:24 28 Mar 2006

I have a 3-CD set of Mandrake and a DVD of SuSE 10, both of which were cover disks on Linux magazines. Have a look on the newsagent shelves and see what is on offer.

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by the improvements in SuSE 10 compared to when I previously tried it with 8.1. Now things like Printer, Scanner, Networking (wired & wireless) just seem to work and I really am a Linux novice!

  DieSse 12:41 28 Mar 2006

Xandros has a free download version. It's particularly easy to use, normally finds all your hardware automatically, and very suitable for a Linux *first-timer*.

  DieSse 12:43 28 Mar 2006

PS - also, if you want to use Ubuntu, I would recommend Kubuntu - this uses the K disktop, which is more widely preferred to the Gnome desktop - and looks more like a Windows layout.

  DieSse 12:44 28 Mar 2006

K desktop that is.

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