Opera cookie handling

  adam32 21:21 02 Jun 2011

Currently trying Opera, which I seem to do every couple of years but never stay with it. My question is about cookie handling and permissions.

In Firefox and Chrome, I block cookies except for a whitelist of domains. Firefox does this really well, with the option for per-session and permanent exceptions.

But I can't find any way of getting Opera to use anything like this method. It seems to want to allow everything silently, block everything silently, or ask me for permission for every new site.

That's a bit dumb and makes Opera unusable for day-to-day browsing. Is there a fix that I've missed or is that the Opera way? (2% market share is looking less surprising)

  Miké 21:35 02 Jun 2011

I don't use Opera butTry this

  adam32 21:44 02 Jun 2011

Thanks for that. Not bad, but it only deletes unwanted cookies when the browser is closed, which sort of defeats the point. I want to block all unspecified cookies.

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