Opera Browser problem

  johnbull 15:15 16 Feb 2004

I've just installed the latest browser from Opera and now recieve a message "could not connect to remote server" I deleted the previous instalation because I kept getting a "pop-up" which read; Generic Error,then my E-mail address followed by a message "Pop3 server unavailable.network problems?" That message would pop up without warning whilst I was surfing, I then simply pressed the "cross" and it disappeared for a few minutes or so, however it began to get on my nerves! hence the deletion. hope you can figure it all out regards johnbull

  Chegs ® 16:04 16 Feb 2004

I get this often with Opera,especially whilst in PCA.I dont think its Opera at fault,just the remote server isn't offering up the page.The email problem might be cured by deleting your email account in Opera,try it,if the prob vanishes try recreating the email account in Opera,checking each entry you make very carefully.

  Pesala 16:13 16 Feb 2004

I think this problem is something to do with email authentication. Edit accounts: Servers, authentication, but I'm not sure what the right setting is. Auto or none probably. In the meantime turn off automatic checking for email and check manually.

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  johnbull 17:39 16 Feb 2004

Many thanks to both of you! I discovered that the problem of "connecting to remote server" was due to a problem I have with Zonealarm i.e. some times it refuses to boot-up giving an error message I just came on line and it booted up with "no error message" and requested permission for Opera to act as a server, I clicked permission and Opera opened up as usual. I hope that this will now solve the pop-up message. Thanks once again for your kind response

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