Opera Browser-is it poss. to...

  Happy1 10:08 24 Aug 2003

Use IE6 and Opera. I use IE6 with XP pro OS. and would like to keep as default Browser. Is it possible to download Opera(where from please)and use it NOT as default Browser, and how would I change from one to other while online, or do I swap while offline?

I am with BT openworld surftime, would it cause a problem? Many thanks.


  Mango Grummit 10:26 24 Aug 2003

click here for Opera and for Avant, which is far better and does not seem to mess up web pages as Opera does click here

In answer to your question you can use these and IE plus others all at the same time if you want to with no problems. Choose whichever you want as default at your discretion.

  suzie005 11:03 24 Aug 2003

been using IE and opera together for over a year.i still have IE as the default and never had any problems.

  -pops- 11:11 24 Aug 2003

I have IE as my default browser. I also have Netscape, Opera, Avant, Crazy Browser and Mozilla installed. I change the default browser occasionally to Netscape or Opera, just as the whim takes me. I can always change back if I want to. They all work OK together and I've only ever had problems with Opera upgrades but that was nothing to do with it functioning as a browsers.

Note: I do have reasons for have a multiplicity of browsers. It's for checking new web designs that I might do (not many these days).

  Happy1 18:29 24 Aug 2003

How do I change from one browser to another please after I have gone online. Do I go up to file or where do I change?

Sorry if I sound thick. old age and I don't want to muck up. Many thanks for your great replies.


  suzie005 18:37 24 Aug 2003

just click on the icon and a new page will open up.if when it's open u need to open a new window within it.click on 'new' at the top of the page.

  suzie005 18:40 24 Aug 2003

i shall rephrase .click on the icon and a new WINDOW will open up.

  Happy1 19:02 24 Aug 2003

Thanks for your prompt reply. I suppose there is only one thing to do now and that's to have a go. Fingers crossed.

I am completely self taught. Can you tell. ha, ha! (silver surfer). That's why I am a little nervous about having a go first time. I have accomplished a lot in the past few months though, some of it quite technical. It is just a case of pushing myself.


  suzie005 19:07 24 Aug 2003

i've been using it for over a year and still haven't got round to checking everything out so u aren't alone.u shouldn't have any problems.checkout 'help' at the top and go to contents and opera on the web ( u have to register if u want to post but u'll find a forum 'specially for problems).

  Happy1 19:42 24 Aug 2003

Thanks for all your help. Will log off now and have a go. Only on dialup so probably take a while to download.


  Pinochio 19:51 24 Aug 2003

Hello Happy1

Download and install Opera. During the installation process you may be asked if you want to set Opera as your defalt browser. If you do then choose NO. If you are not asked this question then after you have installed Opera, start-up Internet Explorer (but make sure Opera is not running at the same time). You should get a box popping up that says something like "Internet Explorer is not your default browser". You then have the option of setting IE as your default browser.

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