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  mikeyb59 15:36 11 Feb 2004

I keep seeing posts regarding Opera and how wonderful it is. Having visited their site I can see the attraction.

My question is - if I should download and try it, what happens if I don't like it? Can I simply un-install and everything will be back to normal?

As much as I am comfortable with IE6 I am tempted!

  hugh-265156 15:40 11 Feb 2004

just remove it via add remove programs if you dont like it.

also worth a look click here

  mikeyb59 16:20 11 Feb 2004

Thanks for that. Question is - is it worth the change?

Running XP Pro, XP2400+ cpu & 512Mb DDR on an NTL 600K BB connection.

Will I be changing for the sake of it or will it be (much) better?


  tenplus1 16:25 11 Feb 2004

Opera is an excellent browser and is very small and fast and better still you can use it FREE (with a small advert in the corner while surfing) or pay for it to remove the ad.

Tabbed browsing is much better than the IE6 standard and does make life a lot easier while surfing through loads of pages and Opera has a lot of neat features including Popup blockers and a built-in e-mail program...

I'd say it's well worth the change, but you will find that some pages wont load properly with Opera since they are specifically made for IE6...

  Pesala 17:21 11 Feb 2004

1. Security - less vulnerable to attack, the recent phishing scam was just one example.

2. Speed - tabbed browsing and caching of pages speeds up the browsing experience. See this thread click here No browser can do much to speed up your connection though.

3. Popup blocker removes annoying advertising. Opera itself is ad-supported ($39 to buy) but Google ads are targetted and unobtrusive, not like popup ads on websites.

4. Download manager resumes broken downloads. Useful for dial-up connections.

5. Built-in M2 email uses a database structure. Once you have tried it, you won't want to go back to Outlook Express, though if you're a fan of Incredimail you may be disappointed to find no support for composing HTML emails. M2 can receive them though.

6. Customisability - You can use skins and modify the interface to your heart's content to get it just how you like it. This process is much easier than searching in IE Advanced Internet Options for what you want, though there are many more options to choose from. You can get excellent support on the Customising Opera Forum on how to do this.

7. You can zoom in to read small print, or zoom out to view large graphics. Opera uses all available free RAM to display the pages as you want to see them. User style sheets make sure you can view standard pages as you want.

8. Opera is HTML standards compliant. Many, many websites are not standards compliant, i.e. they are badly coded. Most problems reported as Opera being unable to display a page properly are due to bad coding. IE makes its own standards, but does not always follow the agreed ones.

9. Opera is available for other platforms: Linux, Mac, Beos, etc. click here

10. Opera is a small download. With Java it is 15.7 Mbytes, without it just 3.2 Mbytes. It is recommended to download the Java version. Once the Java environment is installed on your system, for Opera updates you can download the non-Java version. Installation is quick and usually painless.

CONS: Many websites are written only for Internet Explorer, and a few specifically try to block other browsers. Some like MSN Groups use Active X controls that are a security threat and so are intentionally not supported by Opera. Some banking sites will not accept other browsers. You will still need to use IE on some sites.

  mikeyb59 17:59 11 Feb 2004

Think I will give it a go after work tomorrow.

Watch this space!!

  hugh-265156 18:07 11 Feb 2004

mikeyb59 i found opera to be a bit fiddly for my liking.avant is the better of the two in my opinion if i had to choose as its more like IE.

needless to say im still using ie6 as im comfortable with using it and it works well for me.i do have a play with the others every now and then just for a wee change :-)

  Chegs ® 18:25 11 Feb 2004

I have Opera as my main browser,it has many features that IE should have.I also started using Avant recently,with these two browsers,I could easily dispense with IE completely.Opera has problems with many home built sites,the recent thread by Spikeychris offering to put PCA members mugshots on his site,using Opera to view it,creates an enormously wide page.Its customised options mean I can set it up so I can see text clearly,even though I have my monitors resolution set to 1280x1024,IE only offers to ignore fonts specified on pages.

  dfghjkl 21:47 11 Feb 2004

you dont have to set it as default,you can then use it when you like,you can even return to where you left off.you get the choice when you click on it.

  mikeyb59 14:52 12 Feb 2004

..... just downloaded and intalled Opera. Have to say I quite like the look but not sure of the feel.

Will stick with it for a while but at the moment I think I still prefer IE6 (early days I know).

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