Opera 9.50 Available for Download

  Pesala 12:45 12 Jun 2008

Download: click here

If, like me, you don't like the dark skin. You can dowload other skins, such as the D.T.A. skin:

Top Rated Skins: click here

Lots of improvements in this long awaited update. As always, back up your data before installing any new software.

The Mail Format has changed with this version — so be especially careful about email backup.

  bretsky 15:15 12 Jun 2008

Thanx, just downloaded & installed it, like this browser very much, a whole new look AND feel(still playing around with it)love the default skin, sad that it lacks the google toolbar ad-on, a poor widget is no substitute.

bretsky ;0)

  Pesala 23:02 16 Jun 2008

The Google Search field can be put on the Speed Dial, or on any toolbar. Favourite bookmarks can be dragged to the Personal Bar, etc. What's so special about the Google toolbar?

I notice there's lots of negative threads about the new version. It is sad that so many people are quick to complain, yet expect so much, and all for free!

For me, its a big improvement, with just a few minor issues that will no doubt be resolved in a week or two. Hardly a day goes by without learning something new.

  Graham. 23:11 16 Jun 2008

I'll give it a go. See how my click here looks on it.

  bretsky 23:38 16 Jun 2008

I now use this browser over F/F and have been doing so for many months, the google toolbar in F/F has many uses and especially for this site as you can highlight then drag n drop your error message wordings to the Google search engine which can't be done in Opera......minor, yes I know.....apart from that, a good quality browser.

bretsky ;0)

  Graham. 09:02 17 Jun 2008

I agree, a pleasant browser. Thankyou.

  AngeTheHippy 09:19 17 Jun 2008

seems fine - BUT - can I add the Roboform bar? I'm able to in Firefox, or even right-click when needing to fill forms/passwords etc but I can't see how to import it into Opera. Anyone know please?


  Pesala 09:23 17 Jun 2008

>> you can highlight then drag n drop your error message wordings to the Google search engine <<

In Opera, I can just right-click and search the highlighted text. The default menu has a Seach with… submenu with ten search engines. I put Google directly on the [Hotclick Popup Menu]

  AngeTheHippy 09:29 17 Jun 2008

Just looked at Opera support page. WHAT A SHAME!! Even the latest versiono doesn't support Roboform.

Oh well, that's clinched it for me then. Far too many passwords. Back to slow-old FF...



  Pesala 10:35 17 Jun 2008

Use the wand.

  AngeTheHippy 10:37 17 Jun 2008

to transfer over. I'll use Opera for other browsing I think, not Forums (like this one) and the like.


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