Opera 8 and AOL

  bruno 21:36 19 Apr 2005

Can you access Qpera 8 from AOL?

  Praxis99 21:55 19 Apr 2005

I haven't used opera but as an AOL user who also uses IE and Firefox, I don't think this will be a problem, other than for the need to keep the AOL running minimised in the background (if you are an AOL subscriber you have no option but to log onto the Internet except via AOL)

  Mango Grummit 22:35 19 Apr 2005

If AOL (v8 and/or 9) is your ISP you do not have to log on to AOL at all to use any other browser. Just open any browser you've installed, click and away you go.

  ashdav 01:22 20 Apr 2005

You don't have to access using AOL's software at all. I'm signed up to AOL and here I am posting away and the software isn't even installed.Search this forum for how to do it.

  bruno 07:34 20 Apr 2005

Thank you for the posts.I will do as you suggest and post back.

  Praxis99 10:42 20 Apr 2005


I have searched the forum, pages of it and while some people say it can be done like yourself, nobody seems to be precise in exactly what is required. Since you have done so I am sure it would be of use to both Bruno and myself if you could enlighten us!

  bruno 10:48 20 Apr 2005

I Have been going through AOL searched posts also and so far have the same problem as Ashdav.I am trying to find the answer for a mate who has not been on comps for long, so the more simple instructions the better.

  Dart Echo 11:33 20 Apr 2005

As Mango Grummit has said, with AOL 8 or 9 connection via other browsers is automatic now.

REM: as Google is your friend, with AOL so is KEYWORD.

Following from AOL Keyword: other browsers> can I use IE with AOL.........

Microsoft Internet Explorer is already integrated into the version of AOL that you are using.

To use Internet Explorer within AOL, simply use the Web as normal, by typing a Web address into the white address bar at the top of your AOL screen.

To use Internet Explorer separately from AOL you must first be connected to AOL.

There may be a few Web sites that will not work within AOL, mainly secure sites. This can happen when the site itself does not recognise the AOL browser. You can view these sites by opening up Internet Explorer separately from AOL, as follows:

1. Make sure you are signed on to AOL first.
2. Click your Windows Start menu, then click Programs. (Windows XP users, click All Programs)
3. Click on Internet Explorer.
4. Type in the Web site address into the 'Address' box and press the Enter key.

  Chegs ® 11:34 20 Apr 2005

I have just had a search of the net,its NOT possible to cfg AOL dialler without the software.This is only possible with ADSL accounts.

PS:...I could be wrong,just unable to find the info here/net. :-)

  bruno 12:43 20 Apr 2005

Dart Echo...thanks for the input.I will try that when I go there later.

Chegs...It is on AOL broadband.Thanks for your input also.

  Praxis99 14:05 20 Apr 2005

Dart Echo

That is exactly what I said in my first reply in response to bruno's post and is what I currently do when I want to use Firefox or IE on AOL9 BB, open AOL and run in minimised in the background when using other browsers.

Other posters here seem to indicate that you don't need the AOL software to connect to the Web I can't see how this can be so.

My experience has been that if I click on say IE I am automatically connected first to AOL with IE minimised. If I set the AOL Dialer to be the default dialer and do the same IE is opened but does not load until I have fired up AOL.

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