Opera 7.11 Final Available for Download

  Pesala 15:26 15 May 2003

I have just installed the latest version of Opera, and heartily recommend it to forum members. click here

The new version installs very quickly over the previous versions 7.03 or 7.10 (final release) without having to re-import any settings. click here to see the new look with my custom Home Page.


I have always liked Opera because of its built-in email. No need to load a separate program whilst on-line. The email client has some great new features that really impress.

1. The email client has three panes: the one in the hot list shows my contacts, the top one lists messages to and from the selected contact, and the bottom pane shows the selected message. My correspondence with that contact is neatly grouped together, whichever email address I used.

2. If I select Mail, Received in the hotlist, the top pane allows me to sort my mail by recepient's name, subject, date, or size.

3. I can add labels to my messages to mark them as important, todo, mail back, call back, meeting, funny, or valuable.

4. One can zoom in to read email, and change the font used to compose it (Preferences, Fonts and Colors, Format Text Multiline).


My favourite new feature in the browser is the hot list that toggles with the F4 key. Buttons at the top of the Hotlist select one of Bookmarks, Mail, Contacts, History, Transfers, or Notes. One can add panels for News, and other items too.

? Bookmarks lists your folders of favourites

? Mail lists your email messages: received, outbox, sent, drafts, spam, attachments, and active contacts.

? Contacts lists your contacts. Clicking on a contact lists your correspondence with them.

? History lists the sites you have recently visited. You can delete any item from this list.

? Transfers list the files your downloads. It tells you where you downloaded them from, how big they are, and where you have saved them.

? Notes can be copied from any website, and can hot-link back to that page.


The interface is highly customisable. Remove or move toolbars, change shortcut keys, mouse functions, etc. The skins are downloaded as a single ZIP file and install automatically. Over 100 skins are available as free downloads.

The default is identify as MSIE 6.0, but for the PCA Forum you need to identify as Opera. F12 for Quick Preferences to change this.

  -pops- 18:25 15 May 2003

I note (on my machine anyway) that you have used a number of question marks in your post above. Is this your intention or does it mean that the new Opera is still not capable of recognising, shall we say, unusual characters?


  cream. 18:34 15 May 2003

Yes I quite like Opera and run it side by side with I.E.6. I am currently running 7.10 and find it very fast on a dial up connection.

I only use I.E.6 for this site as when I read my postings, it always comes up with blank screens or goes to the PCA home page. One of the settings must by slightly out, no big deal.

  VoG™ 18:40 15 May 2003

Until they fix the bug that prevents it from displaying certain characters correctly, I'm sticking with 6.05 thank you.

  -pops- 18:41 15 May 2003


  Pesala 18:43 15 May 2003

Not Windows-1252

A form is posted in the encoding that was used to decode the page, unless the form tag as an accept-charset attribute stating otherwise. Since these pages are using UTF-8 encoding, the form data will thus be UTF-8 encoded.

Sending #nnn; in outgoing forms data is wrong, the data sent is not HTML (or SGML) code, and thus character entities cannot used here. If the character is unavailable in the encoding the form is sent with, Opera will convert it into a default character, the question mark.

Please note that this will happen also for the case when you try to post the euro sign (?) to a page with ISO 8859-1 encoding. On MS Windows, the ISO 8859-1 encoding is extended to Windows-1252, where the euro sign is available, but since Opera sends ISO 8859-1, it will be sent as a question mark. The same goes for the "typographical" quotes, and the other characters in the range 128-159 of Windows-1252. Unless, of course, the page or the form is explicitly labelled with windows-1252.

Peter Karlsson, software engineer, Opera Software

The opinions expressed are my own, and not those of my employer.

  Pesala 18:46 15 May 2003

Opera is up-to-date, but many websites are still using incorrect encoding.

  VoG™ 18:48 15 May 2003

I've seen that "explanation" before.

Bug or not I'm not going to use something that doesn't do what I want. Simple as that.

  Pesala 18:51 15 May 2003

Originally posted by Pesala
If the Trademark and Euro symbol are not allowed as they are part of ISO 8859-1 on such pages, why are they allowed when pasted from Internet Explorer?

Because it treats ISO 8859-1 as if it was windows-1252. Opera adheres to the standard.

The problems stems from the early browsers, which just showed any page using the computer's internal encoding. For western versions of Windows, this happened to be windows-1252, a superset of ISO 8859-1, so there was no need to convert the input since it looked fine. Unfortunately, Windows users started writing pages using these non-standard characters, so browsers on other platforms (which adhered to ISO 8859-1) had to implement support for these extended characters as well.

Because of this common mislabelling of pages (saying they are ISO 8859-1 when they really are windows-1252), Opera, on input, will treat the two as equal. On output it will however be strict. If a page is declared as windows-1252, Opera will allow the extended characters to be posted, but if the page is not it will not.

Peter Karlsson, software engineer, Opera Software

The opinions expressed are my own, and not those of my employer.

  -pops- 18:55 15 May 2003

Sorry, Pesala, that is flim-flam from Peter Karlsson as I've said before. It just can't be so that Opera, amongst all the browsers and users of the internet, are the only ones to have got it right.

Opera worked OK up to version 6. Now, in almost everyone's eyes apart from Peter Karlsson and your good self, it doesn't.

I'm fully with VoG™ on this (how would his name come out on the new improved Opera, as well as €dstow?)


  Simsy 20:15 15 May 2003

I'm firmly of both sides of it!

I'm using Opera 7.03 and both names, ?dstow and VoG? are displaying correctly, ( as far as I can tell.... i.e. the euro sign and the trademark sign are showing!)

I don't understand this encoding lark, and I haven't really looked into it. I'm not, at the moment, that interested. And there is the crux. What opera should be striving to do is show sites as they were intended,regardless of whether the site coding is correct. Taking the attitude that they've got it wrong doesn't seem, in the short term at least, to be very constructive.

However, I like Opera 7, a lot, and it remains my default browser.... I only use IE when I have to.



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