opera 7 help please

  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 10:42 10 Jun 2003

with the advice from this forum i have downloaded and installed opera 7 and i must say it is much better than ie6 with all websites i visit execpt the one i visit most THIS ONE! for example when i click start new subject i get this

click here

and when i want to read a post or reply to it i get this

click here

can anyone help me get around this?

  hugh-265156 11:05 10 Jun 2003

click file/quick preferences and identify as opera

  SEASHANTY 11:10 10 Jun 2003

I believe Opera has more advertising on its free browser than does Mozilla. I did have both these browsers installed besides I.E.6 but uninstalled Opera. Now just use Mozilla. Someone on this forum reported a problem with Opera browser about 6 weeks to two months ago. Can't remember the thread now.

  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 11:17 10 Jun 2003

i am using the registerd version as i dont like adds

  ?ØL Hå??? 11:20 10 Jun 2003

heres looking at you in opera! well the reply now works so i take it the new post will!! i will check that bit out next time something goes wrong

thanks all!

  ?ØL Hå??? 11:20 10 Jun 2003

mmmmmmmmmmm will not display my name right any ideas?

  woodchip 11:26 10 Jun 2003

I am using the free version but cannot understand why when I click on both your links it scrolls down as if it opening a Large Photo. To start a new thread you should just scroll to foot of page and start a thread with the box at the bottom.

  ΆØL HåŁęŖ 11:40 10 Jun 2003

i have sorted the thread thing but any ideas why i wont display my full name ΆØL HåŁęŖ ? the posts i did using opera show it as ?ØL Hå??? and after just checking it in opera they dont even show up the whole post is gone.


  -pops- 11:44 10 Jun 2003

There is very comprehensive information about the "foibles" of opera in several threads from Pesala. Do a search to see how you can regenerate all of your less than usual symbols.

I am using Netscape and don't have this. I can write ΆØL HåŁęŖ can't I?


  Pesala 11:55 10 Jun 2003

How about Opera Lover? or at least Opera Tester. You are going to have a lot of grief on this forum if you want to use so many extended characters. This is how your name looks in the source code (I have added spaces to make it dispay) & #902;ØL Hå& #321;& #281;& #342;

That should work OK in Opera if I just paste it into the message box: ΆØL HåŁęŖ

  rawprawn 11:59 10 Jun 2003

I am using IE 6, but after so much talk about Opera I would like to try it. If I load it onto my computer can I run both systems & are there any pitfalls I should know about.

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