jarvis10@btinternet.com 21:14 13 Jun 2008

wow! hadnt used opera for a while because spyware blaster and got attached to tweeking firefox. but this click here is a piece of genious IMHO so slick and secure.
firefox 3 and new opera, ie 8 better be damn good, as ie7 is very creaky in comparison to either of these alts.

  jarvis10@btinternet.com 21:18 13 Jun 2008

spyware blaster explained btw:
Not really. SWB blocks a bunch of Active-X controls that can be used for malicious purposes. Opera does not support the use of Active-X.

SWB also places a few thousand sites in the Internet Explorer Restricted Zone. This limits some suspicious websites from using javascript, Java, iframes etc. to infect your computer. Internet Explorer is the only browser that uses a restricted zone.

But Opera is considered an extremely safe browser, much safer than IE or Firefox. This in not necessarily because Opera is somehow coded better than the others, it is because Opera has so few users that the malware writers don't bother to try and exploit it,

So enjoy the incredible speed of Opera and don't worry!

  J B 19:50 16 Jun 2008

I like the way that you explain your own thread, but I have to agree with you. I used to use F/F as a second browser but it gave me no end of trouble so I tried Opera and as you said "is a piece of genius IMHO so slick and secure". I don't have to say any more. J.B.

  jarvis10@btinternet.com 20:42 16 Jun 2008

well i used to talk to myself but i don't anymore:)

  rdave13 20:52 16 Jun 2008

I also use Opera and for a few years. Gets better with every update. Use it mainly for downloading and I use IE7 with link scanner lite for browsing usually.

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