OpenOffice Woes

  AngeTheHippy 17:53 16 Mar 2003

Oh woe is me.... I like this freebe s/w - It does all I need it to but, I used to use Lotus SmartSuite Millenium on my 98se PC, but now my new PC is an XP one, it doesn't like Lotus - however many patches I apply, so I've ditched it for this OpenOffice. Trouble is, it doesn't recognise older docs that are saved in .lwp (Lotus word pro?). Any ideas what I can do about this? I cld of course install Lotus just long enough to copy all the stuff I want into OpenOffice or even wordpad and re-save, but it seems the last resort really....

In hope,

  recap 18:27 16 Mar 2003

If you do not have any other software that could open the doc's, then the only thing you can do AngeTheHippy is what you have suggested.

  AngeTheHippy 21:54 16 Mar 2003

but thanks recap, anyway.

  interzone55 22:12 16 Mar 2003

I'm running XP and have installed Lotus Smartsuite millenium with no problems.

But I also have OpenOffice and no, it won't open any Word Pro documents, no matter which filters I try.

  AngeTheHippy 10:05 17 Mar 2003

I've had quite a few niggles with this XP since I got the PC in November... had to format the HDD 3 times now, and THEN the vendor thought that I MIGHT need an update for the motherboard chipset (?) Since then though, (crossed fingers) it's been behaving itself (mostly). I'll just have to re-install Lotus and lift everything and re-save in (wordpad) I think.



  €dstow 10:34 17 Mar 2003

Smartsuite 9·7 is the earliest version that claims to be compatible with XP. Note 9 point 7, not 97. Smartsuite Millennium is version 9·5.

You can get it for £23 from click here


  interzone55 20:32 17 Mar 2003

I have verion 9.8, which is odd because I bought the PC it came with in 1999.

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