OpenOffice problem

  vinylsteve 18:10 14 Feb 2004

Hi,I have bought a Genealogical cd with a database of over 600,000 names on it ,It was created with MS Access.I Have been told i would be able to use OpenOffice to view the data but i am only able to import 32000 names on to 1 sheet.There is supposed to be 250 sheets in total but i've only got 3 and the import stops on the first sheet.does anyone know how i can view all 600,000 names or suggest software that will handle a large database (but not Access).I have posted on the OPenOffice forum board but there has been no reply.

Thanks Steve.

  Pesala 20:01 14 Feb 2004

From the insert menu one can add more sheets up to 256 total. That is 8,192,000 rows altogether. Don't ask me any more though. I haven't a clue about spreadsheets.

  vinylsteve 20:13 14 Feb 2004

Thanks Pesala, now if someone could explain how i import the database so that it continues after sheet 1, i would be very grateful.


  woodchip 20:22 14 Feb 2004

As Pesala, but is it possible, it may work, to first delete the sheet you created first off, then opened and start a fresh sheet but create enough pages before you import the data

  vinylsteve 20:35 14 Feb 2004

Hi woodchip tha's what i've just been doing after i got the message from Pesala but i still get this error message when i try to import the database "The maximum number of rows has been exceeded.Excess rows were not imported!"
I'm trying to insert the data at the moment to see if that will work.I'll let you know how i get on.


  woodchip 20:39 14 Feb 2004

Can you see the data in another program so you can just copy paste

  woodchip 20:42 14 Feb 2004

Try opening it in the word possessor, or just go to the open in the Spread sheet program and open from the CD instead of importing it

  vinylsteve 20:47 14 Feb 2004

Hi Woodchip,i did first open it in my word processer but it didn't keep the columns.
Above the spreadsheet there is a data view so i can see all the data but can only copy 1 cell at a time.I will try to open it from the cd and see how that goes.


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