OpenOffice Mail Merge problem?

  Simsy 20:06 10 Dec 2007


I'm trying to use OpenOffice, (version 2.3.1 the latest version), to do a mail merge to create some mailing labels.

(I know how to do this in "Word", but I may have to show someone else how to do it in OpenOffice)

I'm going through what I'm pretty sure is the correct procedure, but eventually, when I get to the stage where I'm asked if I want to print a form letter, (because it recognises database fields), the box I am then presented with I think is incomplete...

click here

I think that the top part of this box should have some database controls, or something like it, enabling me to actually do a "merge", but as you can see, it's empty!

The "database" was originally an Excel file. In case that was the problem I recreated it using the OOfice spreadsheet. It seesm to see it ok as it recognises the file title and the sheet name, but no more.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in anticipation,



  octal 20:20 10 Dec 2007

I think you have to convert the Spreadsheet into a database source as per click here

I expect you'll tell me you've already done that.

  Simsy 20:26 10 Dec 2007

That refers to the version 1 of open office. that instruction tells you to save the spreadsheet in .sxc format which was the format for the first version of OpenOffice.

Version 2 uses a different format.

I might get desperate and try that... but it doesn't ring true that that is where the problem lies.

Thanks anyway.



  octal 20:38 10 Dec 2007

The trouble is I don't have a database of addresses I can use, so I can't play. I might build one to play with, I used to use it in Microsoft Word, but I can't now because I haven't got MS Word, so it might be good practice for me in OO.

  Simsy 20:53 10 Dec 2007

Any feedback would be good.

I've been having lots of PC problems lately, so this may be just another thing that's going awry with my setup!

I'd actually be delighted to know that someone else has the same problem!



  Simsy 19:13 11 Dec 2007

the root cause of the problem. I hadn't, (deliberately), installed the database compnent of OpenOffice.

This needs to be installed to make this feature work.

I still have to come to grips with some of this though. I have to say that though I generally prefer OpenOffice "Writer" to MS "Word", i this useage "Word" seems to have the upper hand. At least for ease of use!



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