OpenOffice 3.0 officially launched.

  Belatucadrus 11:50 13 Oct 2008

OK so it's been on some of the mirror sights for a few days, but today's the day it officially hits and they've got pretty comprehensive notes on what's new.
click here

  €dstowe 14:58 13 Oct 2008

I get a 403 on your click here, Belatucadrus.

  €dstowe 15:00 13 Oct 2008

Seems all the links to version 3 are fubar.

  Rahere 15:04 13 Oct 2008

It's down right now but was fine a bit earlier for me

  RickyC :-) 15:09 13 Oct 2008

I believe the OpenOffice servers are suffering from the popularity of their own software... In the meantime you can read about the features of v3.0 if you click here


Software Editor

  €dstowe 15:15 13 Oct 2008

Thanks for that, SE.

I'm using OO more and more these days and I doubt that I will be buying any more copies of the MS product.

  T I M B O 15:23 13 Oct 2008

Open office web site has just come back online click here

  €dstowe 15:33 13 Oct 2008

That is not the OO website but an imposter classified by NoScript as dangerous.

  T I M B O 15:41 13 Oct 2008

This is what i posted >>>
I’m sorry I don’t know what you are on about. Maybe ur browser has been hijacked

  birdface 15:55 13 Oct 2008

Looks like the proper site to me.But RC4 which makes it still a Beta version I think.

  T I M B O 16:01 13 Oct 2008

Thank you for ur support, for a moment i thought i was going mad lol.

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