Opening a ZIP File?

  Border View 10:56 09 Mar 2003

I've just downloaded a manual for Creative Sound Blaster and saved it to a floppy disc. When I came to open it I got the message "Windows cannot find Program.exe This program is needed for opening files of type "ZIP File"

OK so I figured I need another program. On the March PC Advisor DVD there is a WinZip Shareware Evaluation 8.1 Is this the program I need? If I add it to my computer how long will it last? Being shareware does that mean it will only last a month or so then I will need to get another program?

Your help is much appreciated.

  kuhbler 11:01 09 Mar 2003

You can use Winzip or you could go get ZipCentral from click here which basically does the same job and is free!

  MAJ 11:02 09 Mar 2003

Yes Winzip will do it, but as you say, it's only a trial version so it will lapse after a certain time. You're obviously not using XP or ME (I think) as they have something called Compressed Folders, which should do it for you. There are a few freeware Zipping programs around, Zip Central, Freezip and a few others who's names escape me at the moment.

  Totally-braindead 11:07 09 Mar 2003

Just use the Winzip prog just now. As the others have said there are many programs which work with zip files and many are freeware. Don't worry about this at the moment. Once you've unzipped the file you wouldn't need to use Winzip again for this particular problem.

  Border View 11:08 09 Mar 2003

I'm using 98SE. I've had another look at the March DVD and there is a whole host of "Free Compression Utilities" including ZipCentral 4.01 Think I shall have a go loading that one.

Thank you for coming back to be so quickly Kuhbler and MAJ

  Border View 11:10 09 Mar 2003

You must have been posting the same time as me. Because the manual is on a floppy disc, will I not need Winzip each time to open it? Sorry if this is an obvious question but things go over my head sometimes.

  Belatucadrus 11:10 09 Mar 2003

click here for a page full of free options, have to agree ZipCentral is probably the best.

  Border View 11:13 09 Mar 2003

Many thanks for all your help - am off to play canny.

  VoG™ 11:14 09 Mar 2003

WinZip (and others) will give you the option to unzip it. You can then save the unzipped file on your hard drive or wherever.

  Border View 11:36 09 Mar 2003

Thanks for that VoG

Just came back to let you know that I tried to install WinZip from the January DVD and it came up with a message about a damaged file. So I reverted to the March DVD and installed Zip Central.

It worked and now I can look at my Creative Sound Blaster Live 1024 manual. No doubt I shall be coming back in the future with questions on that system, but for now thank you all for expanding my knowledge base a little bit more.

  Meshuga 20:31 09 Mar 2003

Maj replied to this query saying that ME had a facility called Compressed Folders. I am using ME
so can Maj please tell me where to find this. I`ve looked but can`t find it.Regards once again, Meshuga.

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