opening word document attachments

  charian1 21:24 22 Sep 2006

Can anyone help with a problem that i have trying to open attachments that i send from my works computer to my own PC. They are created in micosoft works word processor and sent as a attchement via e mail. When i get them on my own PC they have changed to wordpad documents, if i open them in wordpad nothing is there, if i try to open them using word processor i get the message i do not have enought memory to open file, close your document, close other programs and try again. When i click okay a blank word processor documents appears. What is causing this ? i do not have the problem if i create the document on my own PC. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

  SANTOS7 21:33 22 Sep 2006

The "not enough memory" error message rarely has anything to do with memory. What usually
happens is that a program reads some data that it assumes to be the data size and finds
some ridiculous value.
If it's with a specific document (or documents), the document is most likely corrupted.
If it's with all documents, the problem is likely a corrupted works installation. Could
be a DLL file or some registry settings.
Try uninstalling your works suite, reinstall and try again...

  charian1 21:46 22 Sep 2006

It seems to be with all documents, and i have tried sending them from different computers at work, so i think its something my end.How do i go about uninstalling works suite? and when its uninstalled how do i reinstall ? I do not want to do anything and then not be able to rectify it.

  SANTOS7 22:32 22 Sep 2006

The works suite will be a set of discs you can uninstall from add/remove progs..

  lotvic 22:49 22 Sep 2006

before you reinstall works suite on your home pc, try emailing a doc from it to yourself on your home pc and see if that is okay (no other computer involved) so that you can be sure that it is your pc that is causing the problem.

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