opening windows maximised

  TeflonTone 15:27 08 Feb 2004

Can I set up XP Home so that every time I open a window it goes straight to "Maximised"?

For example, when I open a thread in a new window it always opens "minimised" and I want it to open at maximum size.

  hugh-265156 15:50 08 Feb 2004

open your new window,windowed.

do not maximize it but instead drag the corners to fill the screen.

close the window while holding down shift and when you open it again it will fill the screen.

  TeflonTone 15:56 08 Feb 2004

huggyg71, I want each new window to open automatically at maximum size without having to drag the corners each time, so each new window will be maximum size when it opens for the first time, can I do this?

  hugh-265156 15:59 08 Feb 2004

yes drag to fill screen just the once and then hold shift when closing.

they will open maxed after that.

  TeflonTone 21:09 08 Feb 2004

Doesn't work huggyg71! The window opens minimised every time, it's quicker to click on the maximised button.

Thanks for your input though, much appreciated,



  VoG II 21:11 08 Feb 2004

Close all IE windows except the small one. Drag to fill the screen. Close from the File menu (not X).

  powerless 21:18 08 Feb 2004

Start, Run, Type: regedit

Go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

Find: Window_Placement [Should be at the bottom]

Now delete: Window_Placement

IE has to be closed, Exit from regedit and reboot.

Backup the registry first!

  TeflonTone 21:44 08 Feb 2004

VoG, your suggestion worked a treat, many thanks.

Powerless, glad not to have to try your idea, don't like changing the registry, but thanks for your help.

Thanks again to all of you,



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