opening video files..explorer.exe 100% cpu usage

trying to play video files..when i even open a folder with video files in it everything locks up and with 100% cpu usage on explorer.exe without even playing the file..only just happened and i havent installed anything recently.tried lots of suggestions but to no avail,so i thought i would come to the best place(as i allways do)so any suggestions daft or not would be appretiated..oh just to add ive done a system file check and a system restore and a virus scan and spyware adaware in safe mode etc..
hope someone can shed light on this for me, kind regards akanic




just to add.i get an error sound from windows but no pop up saying an error..regards !

  Big Elf 19:34 11 Feb 2006

What OS are you using?

What format are the video files?

Have you tried re-installing the video playback software or tried another version?

Is your PC specs up to playing these files?

  ashdav 19:46 11 Feb 2006
  ashdav 19:50 11 Feb 2006

also click here

Scroll down to post from Rupert2000 (last on the page).

system specs
AMD athlon 64 3000+ cooled by coolermaster
asus NF3250K8AA-ERS
1.5gb ddr elixir
nvidia geforce 6600(256mb)
1x sata raptor
1x seagate hard drive
1x dvd combo
1x cdrom
aerocool gatewatch
nexus power supply
windows xp home
aol 2mb
b.t voyager 105
even online video does the same...locks up without getting bsods so will post the code if i cant sort it..regards akanic

ashdav done google allready...didnt throw anything up usefull(as yet)the bsod code i searched and it gave about 5 results with google but no solution..will post to see if anybody can shed light on it
regards akanic

to add yet again!! shutdowns are taking longer..dont know if thats anything to do with it
regards akanic

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