Opening and reading .dmp files

  Seadog 12:12 25 Apr 2013

My second pc, running Windows Xp is occasionally randomly re-booting and telling me that the system has recovered from a serious error.

I have run sfc, updated graphics drivers and run memtest which shows the RAM to be ok. The machine is still randomly re-booting.

I have saved the .dmp files and would like to check them with dumpchk.exe to try and find what is causing the re-boots. However, it means running the command from a command prompt, something I am not good at. At all.

Can anyone please help by writing down exactly what I have to put in the command line, with spaces etc. as I am getting nowhere!.........

  xania 12:51 25 Apr 2013

the command line will read

'Type' followed by space then the file name.dmp

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:30 25 Apr 2013

This Blue Scree viewer is easier

  xania 20:57 25 Apr 2013

Sorry, but I misread your query. I presume you have seen this not particularly helpful Microsoft support page

I would think the command line to examine the .dmp file would read

DUMPCHK -e thefilename.dmp i.e with a space either side of the "-e"

  Seadog 23:39 25 Apr 2013

Thanks for that xania, but I used the link FruitBat gave and sorted the problem (well, so far at least)worked.

Thanks a lot FruitBat.

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