Opening a pf file, how?

  TommyRed 14:22 15 Nov 2004

My friend receieved a xmas e-card which he would like to send on but not forwarded as this will include the message he received with the card. I found the file inC:\WINDOWS\prefetch and attached it to a new message, then sent it back to his computer to test it, but it wouldn't open. I beleive it is a pf file format. Any ideas how we can achieve this? TIA TR

  ACOLYTE 14:27 15 Nov 2004

click here this help?

  TommyRed 14:36 15 Nov 2004

The thing is, the original attachment, which I think was a exe. opened fine on the original e-mail but I don't understand why it won't when it's sent as an attachment later. TR

  pj123 15:00 15 Nov 2004

I think you will find that some ISPs don't allow .exe files to be sent/forwarded as they may contain viruses.

You should be able to "forward" it but before you hit the send button delete all the bits you don't want to be forwarded.

  TommyRed 15:15 15 Nov 2004

Thanks, I tried to delete the unwanted bits from the original e-mail which didn't work. Will try your solution when he's back online at 6.00pm. TR

  Salinger 15:30 15 Nov 2004

Is it possible to just use "save as" and rename it? or is it more than just a picture?

  TommyRed 15:47 15 Nov 2004

No, it's more of a cartoon type thingy. In an attempt to change it from the prefetch file I chose a few options to 'open with' one of which now attempts to open the files in that folder, how do I change it back? I don't want to use system restore if possible, as I've just installed ZA and AVG on his pc. TR

  TommyRed 16:24 15 Nov 2004


  Wak 16:43 15 Nov 2004

I don't know if this applies in your case but I have had things sent to me which work (animate) in Incredimail but will not work or open in Outlook Express.
It could be that part of the HTM file doesn't transfer. (Or something like that!!)
Can you send it to yourself and then receive it with Incredimail as a trial???

  TommyRed 16:57 15 Nov 2004

It's not on my PC, it's on a friends. I reckon pj123's solution will work, editing the message in the 'forward' window and the sending the edited original on. It's putting the 'prefetch' file back the way it was before I altered it. Don't wanna use 'system restore' as re-installing the AVG and ZA will require updates which seem to take forever on his dial-up. TR

  TommyRed 21:50 15 Nov 2004

As no one seems to be able to answer this, I'll have to bite the bullet and do a 'system restore' or I could just leave the file as it is, the attachment to the original e-mail opens from the e-mail. Thanks to all who replied. TR

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