Opening up my PC

  Klappers 10:42 07 Dec 2005

I would like to take some parts out of my computer but I've heard that before you do you must ground yourself? I've never done this before so i'm not really sure what to do. Should i just touch something metal before i take the case off? Thanks for your help.

  octal 10:52 07 Dec 2005

Its a simple matter of just discharging any static electricity by touching earthed metalwork, like a radiator. Usually when you take the side off the computer and remove a board you automatically touch the frame of the computer, this will have the act of making sure any residual potential is at the same level as the boards which will cause no problem. I've used this method for years with no problem.

  octal 10:54 07 Dec 2005

Just one thing, some people will say leave the mains plug in the mains but switched off when working on the computer, don't do that its just plain dangerous and stupid.

  squareye 22:51 07 Dec 2005

Before you start the dismantling, take off your nylon housecoat,and dont shuffle about on the carpet in your fluffy slippers either....

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:58 07 Dec 2005

On modern boards some power is trickling throgh the boards all the time, so it is important to Unplg the PC from the mains before lifting board from PCI slots or memory slots.

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