Opening a JPEG starts windows installer!

  SteevScotland 12:18 08 May 2003

Every time i try to open a JPEG immage on my PC windows installer opens and begins installin Office XP with frontpage. How can I stop this?

To the best of my knowledge nothing has been changed on the computer prior to this problem.

I am running XP professional

Cheers S

  fitshase 12:51 08 May 2003

What program loads when you open a JPEG?



you dont say if this is a spefific jpeg or allof them, try right clicking the file and go to properties , on the general tab check what program its set to Open with... if that isnt the answer its beyond me probably a little gremlin in the registry.

  SteevScotland 12:58 08 May 2003

MS photo editor should open but the installer opens instead. I just tried to open a JPEG using another program and it opened fine. So the problem must be with Photo Editor.

Cheers S

  SteevScotland 12:59 08 May 2003

AS far as i can tell its every JPEG on the computer.

Cheers S

  fitshase 13:01 08 May 2003

Have you fully installed every aspect of MS Photo Editor? Run the setup for MS Photo Editor and make sure that all of the options are checked.



  SteevScotland 13:04 08 May 2003

Photo editor was installed as part of Win XP. It has worked fine for ages now. But I suppose somthing could have been corupted somwhere.

Can I do it from the Xp CD?

Cheers S

  fitshase 13:10 08 May 2003

You should be able to. Alternatively, go to Control Panel\Add Remove Programs\Windows Setup.



p.s., I have always found MS Photo Editor to be a bit cumbersome. I prefer Irfanview click here

  SteevScotland 13:17 08 May 2003

Thanks Im trying what you suggested now.

Cheers S

  SteevScotland 22:05 08 May 2003

Nope Still cant get it working

Cheers S

  MIke 22:19 08 May 2003

I get a similar thing with Word2002, quite frequently it tells me it wants to install a new component when opening a file, that I've opened with no problem before. I have to insert the set up CD to keep it happy then everything is OK for a while. Maybe something similar will help in your case

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