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  Ollyj 11:01 20 Feb 2003

I have a problem opening excel files, they have links from same workbook but from different tabs, the files take an age to open but the PC is fast enough and it is run of a server and every other PC in the office opens the files perfectly. If I take out the data links (data linked to graphs etc... nothing very complex)the file opens very fast like one should expect. Is there any way that old links could corrupt my PC so future files also take ages to open. I did create a whole new file and once again as soon as there was data linked to graphs etc the same problem occured. This has baffled IT dept. I have used a delete links add-in as well still no cure. There are no problems with other PC's just the two which use these particular set of files all the time. Perhaps there is a connection and both have got corrupted some how? Please any ideas would be great/

  VoG™ 11:22 20 Feb 2003

Are you saying that if you re-create the workbook completely from scratch (no copying and pasting etc.) it is still slow to open? If so I would suspect that your copy of Excel is damaged. If you have Excel 2000 or 2002 try Help/Detect and repair.


What happens if you copy the file to your local (C:) drive and open it from there?

Try setting calculation to Manual, then opening the file, then pressing F9.

Does the file contain array formulas?

Are you using filters? - if so set them to "All" before closing the file. It should then open faster.

  Ollyj 12:07 20 Feb 2003

Thnaks have tried all of the above and still no change I have even reinstalled Excel. Could the operating system be an issue (windows 2000). I have no filters and changed the calculations etc.... Could the server damage files when it is being backed up or would that affect all the pc's not just a couple, or could other programmes have any thing to do with it?

Thanks for quick response more help than IT dept here!!

  jazzypop 12:23 20 Feb 2003

One method that has been found to fix this problem is to save a copy of the spreadsheet as Excel 5.0 - if this then opens OK, re-save that version as Excel 2000.

You may also want to do a few general network tests from the 2 PCs that are having problems - it just be that there is a network fault, so as Excel opens the file and tries to open/verify the links, it is encountering a slow segment of the network.

Get the IT dept to ping the server from the PC.

  VoG™ 12:24 20 Feb 2003

If the file on the server was damaged one would expect the same thing to happen on all PCs.

If the file only contains internal links (i.e. does not reference another Excel file), and it is slow to open from your C: drive then I'm as baffled as you and your IT department!

I would check for "phantom links" using the procedure described click here

And here's a troubleshooting page that you could try click here

  Ollyj 12:57 20 Feb 2003

Thanks have tried every thing and as you say if it was a server issue then all pc's would have the same problems. i think it will be a matter of stripping down the 2 affected pc's as I think there is no where left to go!
Thakns for excelent advice.

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