opening emails online

  random-fish 02:14 20 Jul 2008


does anyone know if theres away to read emails from an outlook account online.

I've seen that you can read hotmail messages in outlook so can you also do it the other way around?

thanks for any help

  johndrew 09:24 20 Jul 2008

Not sure what you mean by `outlook account`, your ISP provides the `account` which you pay for and Outlook is the viewer - unless you mean something totally different.

To view e-mails online, you need to log into your ISP site and navigate to the `Member Centre` or similar. Here you will need to enter your account name and password and then navigate to the webmail page where you can read and send e-mails, set up spam filters and other operations. Some ISPs are slightly different to this and you may have to enter e-mail address and password at the webmail site.

  jack 10:04 20 Jul 2008

entering your computer.
As suggested by johndrew.
Log onto your ISP website- every one has a different
page layout so it will be a learning curve.
Find 'Log in' or the Web mail tab.
Then read your mail there- delete what you do not want - Then when you click on your E-mail Client - Outlook/Outlook Express/Thunder-Bird only the mail you want will come in.
Do not forget to close the program afterwards so as to prevent any more junk coming in uninvited.

  beeuuem 11:54 20 Jul 2008
  john bunyan 15:30 20 Jul 2008

johndrew.I now have over 2000 blacklisted senders on my ISP server. Is there a way of getting these somehow incorporated into the ISP's blocking system as it takes quite a while to see my mail on the server?

  johndrew 16:06 20 Jul 2008

`I now have over 2000 blacklisted senders on my ISP server.`

Do you mean you have them blocked in Outlook/Outlook express or whatever e-mail viewer you are using?

If you do, then you will need to go to your webmail page (as above) and block them there. You should be able to set your account up to delete them on receipt into your account and never see them.

  john bunyan 18:12 20 Jul 2008

johndrew. No - they were never downloaded to Outlook Express. They were blacklisted and deleted on the ISP. But the blacklist shows when I add new blacklists to it. I try to check e mail on the ISP before swithcig on OE.

  johndrew 09:55 21 Jul 2008

Unless your ISP has blacklisted an address you will continue to receive e-mails from the address. All you can do is set your account filters to block and delete them, if this service is available on your ISPs webmail site.

Your only other option is a new e-mail address and/or ISP. You should then not make your address `public` by putting it on sites where anyone can see it and going/registering on sites that sell it on. Additionally you should limit the number of friends you pass it to as they can also distribute the address.

  john bunyan 11:22 21 Jul 2008

johndrew. Thanks. My ISP has the blacklist but it is shown - all 2000 on the server when I access it. I dont get mail from that list, but the list grows by about 10 a day as I add spam senders to it, so the system slows while it looks through the list. I hoped the ISP would somehow transfer the blacklist into a central pool.I will take up your other suggestion as I can have up to 5 e mail addresses. Thanks again.

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