opening email attatchments .doc

  harlow 08:47 14 Jun 2008

I am using Vista Home Premium with Works8 installed. I download email using Windows Explorer with Orange webmail.
When I try to open email attatchments with extension .doc, the program opens them in Notepad and they are mainly gibberish.
Short of installing MS Word or asking each sender to resend in Rich Text or .jpg is there any other way of opening these attatchments.

  anchor 08:52 14 Jun 2008

You could install a word viewer for doc attachments

click here

  Sheik Yerbouti 08:57 14 Jun 2008

Download attachment, right click it and select 'open with' ....choose Wordpad from list, or if Wordpad isn't there, click 'choose program' and select Wordpad from the list. That should be readable.

  wee eddie 08:59 14 Jun 2008

should be scanned by your AV before opening

  Sheik Yerbouti 09:00 14 Jun 2008

I've never used MS Works, but I'm sure Word is included,..... so choose Word from 'open with' menu instead of Wordpad.

  natdoor 09:00 14 Jun 2008

You could install Open Office. It's free.

  Taff™ 09:36 14 Jun 2008

Word is not included with Works 8 so the Word Viewer link is an option but Open Office click here will open and allow you to work with .doc`s. It`s free and better than Works all round.

  harlow 10:04 14 Jun 2008

I tried right clicking when I first received the attatchments and "open with" is not on the menu. I tried cut and paste into Wordpad with no joy.
I will download open viewer as suggested by Anchor and after that it may be Open Office.

Works came with the laptop so it tends to get used for everthing. Where is "open with" I'm sure I've used it before?

  wee eddie 10:09 14 Jun 2008

First save the document, in the Email, to your Desktop. Then try the Right Click and "Save with".

  Taff™ 14:00 14 Jun 2008

When You have downloaded OpenOffice make sure that during the installation that all the boxes to associate Word/Excel/Powerpoint are ticked on one of the installation screens. (Word is not automatically ticked) After installation start OpenOffice Writer and on first start up you will need to go through a simple wizard. You can decline to register.

When you`ve finished go to Tools>Options and you will have two vertical panes. On the Left hand pane expand,by clicking the + sign, Load/Save and select General beneath it. At the bottom there are two drop down boxes. The first one says Text Documents. Use the right one to match it with "Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP by scrolling up. Then drop the left hand one to speadsheets and match in the right hand box with Excel. Be careful you don`t match it with the template. Similarly with presentations.

Then OO will open .doc`s by default and save in .doc formats by default. You can forget MS Works forever!

  harlow 16:55 14 Jun 2008

Many thanks for you help everyone. I have used word viewer via the desktop and all is revealed.
I may download Open Office and give it a good looking at.
Thanks again.

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