Opening E-Mails ????

  Petesilver 21:20 10 Nov 2009

Please can someone help I have just removed Windows Live as I don't want it but now I find I cannot open any of my emails which I save to a separate file it appears windows live mail took this over but i don't know what program did it before I guess it was outlook express but I tried that but don't work so there must be something that opened them
Hope you can help

  Technotiger 21:26 10 Nov 2009

You were right about Outlook Express, that was simply Windows Live Mail by another name. Perhaps you need to re-install WLM.

  Petesilver 17:14 11 Nov 2009

I have reinstalled but I wish I understood why it all changed still suppose that's computer's for you
Thanks for the help

  Technotiger 17:32 11 Nov 2009

Wish I understood too .... some hopes!

Cheers ......

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