Opening and Closing a Window on Start-Up

  Nick052 23:54 05 Feb 2005


I have Windows 98SE.

I recently fixed a fonts problem as a result of help from this forum.
However, in order for my fonts to work correctly, I have to type the command "C:\windows\fonts" in Start -> Run command line every time Windows loads. This results in the c:\windows\fonts window opening, which I then close and everything works fine.

Is there a way of automating this process on StartUp? (i.e. running c:\windows\fonts, then closing the window automatically)


  LastChip 00:11 06 Feb 2005

Go to Start; Run; and type the command;


click OK. A window will open with a number of Tabs, select "Win.ini" and make sure the boxes are ticked for [Fonts] and [FontSubstitutes].

  LastChip 00:14 06 Feb 2005

If they don't exist, create them using the "New Button".

  Nick052 00:23 06 Feb 2005


They have already been ticked im afraid - I still have to run c:\windows\fonts in order for fonts to work.

I followed instructions given here :

click here;en-us;234749

or :

click here.



if the link doesnt work (copy and paste together).

I guess its step 6 i keep having to repeat.

Any other ideas?

  LastChip 00:34 06 Feb 2005

When you created a new folder, did you copy the individual font files over or the complete old folder.

In other words, if you did the later, the fonts would have resided in a folder within a folder, rather than be available to Windows - if that makes sense!

  Dan the Confused 00:35 06 Feb 2005

I don't know what help you received but have you tried running Fix Fonts Folder 2.0? click here

  LinuxPenguin 00:51 06 Feb 2005

download tweak ui off the microsoft website, it has a feature that fixes the broken fonts folder, and is good for generally messing about with windows ;p

  Nick052 18:30 06 Feb 2005


I installed Tweak UI and found that it worked - would recommend this program to anyone with a similar problem. Also useful for changing other stuff to do wi Windows.


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