Opening a CD

  Silly Me 15:44 04 Oct 2004

I have received a cd with images on it taken with a friends digital camera but my pc can't read it. do I need the same camera software (Fuji (I think)) or is there another way around it. I have Adobe photoshop. My friend admits he is useless at doing things like this is my only option to explain how to save the images in photoshop then copying to a cd? My camera is HP

  JonnyTub 15:47 04 Oct 2004

Is the cd finalised?

  JonnyTub 15:48 04 Oct 2004

Not so much these days, but a disk is usually best finalised when it's burnt to allow for better readability in other drives.

  Sethhaniel 15:49 04 Oct 2004

using windows explorer - or does the cd not read at all-
- if files are on CD what is their extension *.jpg *.cam
if casio camera and *.cam you need their software or 'Irvanview' to view them

  pj123 15:50 04 Oct 2004

If the images are in .jpg format any image viewer should be able to read them. Download Irfanview from click here this should read almost all image formats. Alternatively, check out the CD in Windows Explorer to make sure they were actually saved to CD.

  Silly Me 17:59 04 Oct 2004

Don't know what you mean by 'finalising'! Anyway have taken advice and downloaded Irfanview (sucessfully I believe). However, when in Irfanview I click on file to open the cd but it just chucks me back to my list of drives (C), (D), (E), (F) etc. I have clicked "all files" but still nothing!

Prior to downloading this new software, I tried searching through Explore but nothing and the cd properties was coming up as 'blank cd' but there is something on it 'cos I can detect this in the right light. It's only 8 graduation photos but am desperate to view them. Any more help guys?: Laymans language please.

  Dorsai 18:41 04 Oct 2004

As said above, a CD-R or CD-RW needs to be made in 'just the right way'(The finalize thing mentioned above) to be readable by any old CD drive.

It sounds like your friend had not done it 'just the right way'. No doubt he could see the piccy's on his PC, and so assumed you would be able too.

Can he e-mail them to you insted? Perhaps he will have to send then one at a time, to over come the max e-mail size many ISP's have??

You could use windows messenger, and transfer them if you both sign up to it. A mate of mine recently sent me some wedding pics that way.

To get a finalized CD thought i will have to let others explain how to do it.

  SEASHANTY 19:50 04 Oct 2004

Some info on Finalizing a disc
click here

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