opengl- where are you????

  poet 20:54 25 Jan 2003

win98, abit siluro gf4 ti4200 grfx, 600mhx cpu, jetway kt133 mobo
used to run a voodoo4 3dfx card, the game loaded properly when changed card, just not after i think i deleted some 3dfx files
gives message below. i have updated the driver files from abit, any ideas??????
.shutting down QGL
...unloading OpenGL DLL
...assuming '3dfxvgl' is a standalone driver
...initializing QGL
...calling LoadLibrary( 'C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\3dfxvgl.dll' ): failed
...shutting down QGL
GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem

cheers, poet

  Gran_T_Boy 21:00 25 Jan 2003

oh, that happened to me with mohaa wen i had a voodoo3, i had winme, but when i updated to winxp i recieved the same message!

My soloution was i got a new graphics card! sorry couldnt help ( i searched around for other ways too do it before purchasing a new card, but couldnt find one, sorry

  poet 21:04 25 Jan 2003

this ti4200 is a new card and says it has complete opengl support,
maybe if i reinstall driver for voodoo4???


  jediknight007 21:04 25 Jan 2003

Oh, I had this problems with many games which used the Quake 3 engine such as Quake 3, MOHAA< RTCW and JK2. I just simply changed the compatibility mode to Windows 98, that's of course if you are using Windows XP. It simply did the job despite trying tons of nvidia detonator drivers and the opengl patch (which didn't work under Windows XP).

  poet 22:59 26 Jan 2003

the thing is - it has worked and i dont know whats happened,
it is win 98, the file named as missing is not on the voodoo4 installation disc....

  poet 22:42 19 Feb 2003

start, run, type "REGEDIT"- without ""
look for:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES/software/microsoft/windows/ current version/ open gl drivers
then remove all keys except RIVATNT key
start, run, type "win.ini" without ""
search for line DVA=0 and insert semi-colan so that it reads " ;DVA=0 " without ""
If the line "DVA=0" is not there, sorry but tuff titty.

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