Open With Too Slow to Open

  Pesala 14:02 30 Sep 2004

When right-clicking on a file in Explorer to Open With, it used to take a minute or so to bring up the dialogue box in Windows ME. A search for openwithlist in regedit revealed hundreds of entries.

I took a chance and deleleted dozens of entries that were empty or which looked useless. The dialogue now opens in 26 seconds - still too long, but half what it used to be. I wonder if there is a safer way to do this. Could one perhaps just delete the entire key for Windows Explorer extensions, and start with a clean slate?

  Graham ® 14:31 30 Sep 2004

Some info here click here

  Graham ® 14:34 30 Sep 2004

Looks like you could delete the lot and start again.

  Pesala 16:48 30 Sep 2004

Thanks Graham, I will try deleting the whole lot. I saved the entire FileExts key as a *.reg file. Now I will reboot and see if it is any faster.

  Pesala 16:56 30 Sep 2004

It doesn't seem to have made any difference. Possibly worth doing anyway, but not unless your Open With menus are a real mess.

  sidecar sid 18:09 30 Sep 2004

Seems to be a known problem with ME

click here

  Pesala 19:38 30 Sep 2004

The trouble is, I install a lot of programs to check them out, often in relation to recommendations or problems on this site. Uninstalling a program doesn't always remove everything from the registry, so it can get very cluttered after a while.

  Graham ® 19:48 30 Sep 2004

Regcleaner will flush all those leftovers:

click here

It will find hundreds the first time!

Then use Regcompact to tidy up:

click here

  Pesala 21:49 30 Sep 2004

I downloaded Reg Compact from you first link, no sign of Reg Cleaner there, though the pictures do say RegCleaner.

Installed and ran Reg Compact. It found 1963 invalid entires, fixed 5, and removed 1958 of them.

Open With dialogue now appears in 13 seconds, twice as fast as before, so something is greatly improved.

  Pesala 21:52 30 Sep 2004

$10 shareware.

  Graham ® 22:38 30 Sep 2004

Things must be changing as we speak! Regcleaner must be now Regsupreme.

Now run RegCompact.

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