open SUSE 10.2

  nagonlouse 22:14 01 Mar 2007

Hi all,
I have before me the installation DVD of LINUX SUSE 10.2 and I am dying to have a go at putting it on my Comp. I have plenty of disk space ie external 400 GB partitioned at 4x100 GB. Can it go on an external as I don`t want to put it on `C` if I can help it. I know there are pitfalls??? Has anyone loaded it and used it and what to watch out for. Thank you.

  octal 22:27 01 Mar 2007

I don't use SUSE but in line with all the Linux Distributions you tell it where to install, either the whole drive or if you do a manual install you tell it which partition you want to install to.

Doing a manual install will leave your Windows installation alone and when you start the machine you will have the choice of which system you want to use.

As for an external drive like a USB type, it's possible but not usual, it's best to install to one of your partitions.

  nagonlouse 22:43 01 Mar 2007


Thanks for the quick response and I`ll have a go tomorrow when I should have more time. In the meantime I will do an Acronis clone of `C`.

  ashdav 23:59 01 Mar 2007

Recommend you install on an internal hardrive to prevent boot problems.
External USB is selected in the bios as a boot device and switching between the two will be awkward.
Best way as follows:-
1,defrag drive C
2,go to start/right click on My Computer/manage/disk management
3,create a partition on the C drive but do not assign a drive letter.If you want to just try Linux set the partition size to 10gb.If you want a serious install set to the max you can spare.
4, run the Linux disc and let it install to the free space (the unnamed space you just created).
5, the Grub boot loader (in Linux) will allow you to choose which OS to start up when you boot.

  nagonlouse 09:45 02 Mar 2007


Thanks for the further information. My hard drive is partitioned into 3 x 100 GB and the OS is on the `E` partition the other two `D` `F` are free and were formatted a week ago when the the HD was partitioned. Any further advice would be much appreciated.

  ashdav 00:39 04 Mar 2007

just run the Linux and you will be asked where to install.
The options will be Windows partion (ie C drive or E in your case)or the other partitions which will show up as the partition size and not D or F as they are letters used in Windows only.
Best thing to do is go to disk management in Windows and format one of the partitions but do not assign a drive letter.
This will effectively remove the partition from windows and assign it as free space.
The Linux install will (should)default to install on "the free space available".
An entry will be made to the MBR (master boot record) on your main drive,E in your case, so that when you boot up you will be offered the chance to boot into Windows or Linux.
All the Linux distros do this so if you want to try another one go through the format stage under Windows and this will delete the Linux partition and you are back to square one with a free space.
Try it. You have nothing to lose. Suse 10.2 is very good. Just use all the defaults to get going, basically choose next or install at each prompt. You can change things afterwards. Only thing it won't do is play games.

  ashdav 00:45 04 Mar 2007

Easier way to do it in XP is to just use disk management and delete the partition.
Start/right click on My Computer/manage/disk management.
Right click on the partition you want to clear and select delete partition.

  nagonlouse 15:10 04 Mar 2007


Done as you suggested and SUSE went on without a hitch. Sorry late in answering but went out early Sun morning. Great help, THANKS.

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