Open Streetmap not displaying on Windows 8.1

  Dragonfly2 09:12 20 Feb 2014

We've recently bought a Lenovo all in one PC, with Windows 8.1.

Our problem is that the maps on "Open Streetmap" aren't visible. We can get into the website and see the menus, but can't see any maps. Our old PC, running XP, shows the maps with no problems. Also we have no problems with other online maps, like Streetmap, Googlemaps etc.

Open Streetmap is excellent and colourful compared to Googlemaps - and we really want to continue to be able to use it.

We assume that there is a setting wrong somewhere on our computer. Can anyone advise, please?

  Woolwell 12:08 20 Feb 2014

Works ok for me in W8.1. Have you tried a different browser.

First time that I have tried it but have to disagree that it is better than Googlemaps. The map was misleading near where I live.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:09 20 Feb 2014

Open Streetmap works for me on Windows 7 and Opera. If you want UK maps though, Streetmap is much better as it uses Ordnance Survey maps. On Open Streemap the road I live down is missing, which does not impress me.

  Dragonfly2 12:26 20 Feb 2014

Hi there,

I've tried Internet Explorer 11, also Firefox. Perhaps we've got to try more browsers.

I know there's some shortcomings with Open Streetmap, and admittedly I don't use it very often, mainly I use a combination of Streetmap and Googlemaps.

In defence of Open Streetmap though, it is good for showing detail in towns, and was excellent last year for a driving holiday in NW Spain, showing car parks and one way streets not indicated on some other maps. And it's much clear when printed then Googlemaps, which I find totally anaemic and boring.

So I'm keen to persevere with this!

  Woolwell 13:05 20 Feb 2014

It works on IE11 and Firefox but not Chrome using W7. I'm puzzled.

  Dragonfly2 15:03 21 Feb 2014

I'm puzzled too! I've now posted a query on the Open Streetmap's help forum. So far someone has replied asking me a couple of questions, and I'm waiting for their answer.

As Open Streetmap seems to be a website very much for map enthusiasts, I'm hoping that they'll help me to be able to view their maps!

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