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  tonyt1151 09:57 30 Apr 2012

I am unable to open more than 1 program from icons on desktop on my Dell laptop. This started yesterday.If I open a program from the desktop I then can't open further ones without restarting laptop. I can open further programs from start menu or from taskbar ok. I have made no changes to system apart from removing the password on start up

  tonyt1151 12:14 30 Apr 2012

I have tried safe mode and the problem doesn't appear to happen. I have also found that it only seems to happen when using desktop shortcuts that take me on-line eg ebay,facebook,skygo. I have looked at task manager but not sure what you would call a lot of memory etc. I am running W7 home premium 64bit

  tonyt1151 12:16 30 Apr 2012

Sorry I meant to add I don't have a windows disc - it came pre-loaded

  lotvic 12:57 30 Apr 2012

Not had Google Chrome by any chance? That can cause the problem with Desktop Internet Shortcuts that you describe. Anyway you have to reset your Default Browser the correct way to make it 'stick'.

Excerpt from page 3 "On the first page of Set Program Access 3 choices: Microsoft Windows, Non Microsoft, Custom. The Custom was always the default but I clicked on Microsoft Windows and then clicked Custom on that page and selected IE"

  tonyt1151 22:13 30 Apr 2012

Not had or been anywhere near Chrome. Have looked at program access settings. It always defaults to custom and in that always defualts to "use my current web browser". If I change to Microsoft Windows it automatically defaults back to the same custom setting

  lotvic 22:59 30 Apr 2012

Do a web search for: W7 home premium 64bit set default browser

Looking at the results I got there seems to be so many ways/problems in setting default browser it seems fruitless for me to suggest anything further.

  tonyt1151 09:27 12 May 2012

After wading through loads of posts on various sites I did a repair on Internet Explorer which so far seems to have rsolved issue. IE - tools - internet options - advanced - reset

  lotvic 18:07 12 May 2012

Thanks for letting us know, it will help others with same prob :)

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