Open programes in new window???????????

  [email protected] 12:36 08 Jan 2004

afternoon all
having a bit of a thick moment,forgoten where to find said options,when i open a page eg:-this one,then minimise it and say open eg:-OLE and do what i need to do in there and close it,it closes previous page with.they both tile in the same place in the tray........where is the option to "open in new window" or words to that effect

  Stuartli 13:10 08 Jan 2004

Right click on what you want to open in a new window and just click "Open in New Window" on the menu.

  [email protected] 13:42 08 Jan 2004

cheers stuartli,but thats not it,dont have the option on r/cl,app's are opening in their own windows,it seems to be the urls that are opening in the same windows,sure ive seen something in properties somewhere about "open web pages in new/same window,just cant remember where-also running G-Force FX5200 incorporating a "desk top manager" but nothing in NVIDIA properties,updated Nvid Driver and windows Service Pack6...............wheres that menu???

  Stuartli 17:21 08 Jan 2004

Then yoou'll need to go to Settings>Control Panel>Mouse and adjust the various command settings to those that you require.

  [email protected] 17:40 08 Jan 2004

hey stuartli
had a look,nothing about "system tray" or "open explorer in new window" i'll keep trying,(ive opened a new thread as response was quiet and i thought i may have been a bit vuage with my synopsis,so cheers stu.ive ticked this resolved,so as to use latest thraed,maybe see you there Sorry User's(novice)

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