Open ports - help please

  ianeon 06:53 30 May 2005

Good morning - I ran Steve Gibson's programme "Shields Up" and found that PORT 128(135/EPMAP DCE ENDPOINT ) was open. Then my technical expertise ran out !! Is this important and if so, how do I close it? I run Zone Alarm pro. and have Windows XP Pro. Can someone educate me please - Thank you - Ian

  octal 07:58 30 May 2005

It could be you've got an application that has opened the port for some reason in the past and you may have clicked yes.

The only thing I can suggest is to open Zone Alarm and start blocking applications from accessing the Internet, apart from your browser of course, and go back to Shields Up after each one's blocked and see if you can track the culprit. Pay particular attention to AVG antivirus if you use it, something at the back of my mind seems to think that maybe the guilty party, but don't quote me on that, I think its something I've read somewhere about 135/EPMAP DCE ENDPOINT.

Sorry I'm not sure how to close ports in ZA because I haven't used it for years.


  ianeon 09:23 30 May 2005

Thank you for that info, I shall "Google" this and investigate further - Ian

  dagwoood 14:15 30 May 2005

ianeon, couple of things for you to check.

Open ZoneAlarm(double click on the icon in you notification area), click on Firewall and you want the main tab. Is the Trusted Area slider set to high? If not, set it to high and see if that closes the port.

Secondly, in Program Control, have you set any program to act as a Server in the internet zone? Normally you don't need to let programs accept incoming connections from the internet(unless your pc is a server, or you run file sharing s/w).

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:36 30 May 2005

Don't worry about it. Providing you use MS Antispy and an updated AV you will have no problems. I haven't used a firewall for 3 years so I suppose all my ports are wide open ^shrug^. This is why Shields Up! is not errrrrrrmmm terribly here


  ianeon 16:51 30 May 2005

Thank you gandalf that was very interesting reading - Dagwood I shall carry out your suggestions - Thank you - Ian

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