Open with... Picasa 3.

  ened 07:16 09 Aug 2009

Morning everybody.

I have a weird problem and cannot finf an answer in the Picasa forum.

On my main machine I installed Picasa and Photoshop Elements vi.

When I right-click a pic in Picasa and select 'Open with' one of the options is to open in Elements Editor.

I am certain I never made any changes other than the installation.

I'm sure I am missing something obvious but on my new lappy I am unable to get it to offer this facility. All I get is one option (Picasa viewer).

Can anybody help please?

  100andthirty 07:44 09 Aug 2009

I am guessing but it might be related to the order in which the programmes were installed; perhaps Photoshop altered settings on Picasa, or Picasa noticed Photoshop. If you can remember which one was installed first on your main machine, perhaps you could replicate that on your other machine.

lso what is the default programme that opens when you double click on a photo? Same on both machines?

  ened 08:12 09 Aug 2009

I thought of that so I uninstalled Picasa (It had gone on first) and re-installed it. However I don't think I can have uninstalled it properly because afterwards it immediately picked up it's previous settings.

I shall do a complete removal and see how I get on.

  Stuartli 08:50 09 Aug 2009

Picasa3 Picture Viewer is set as the Default in my case when opening photo files - however, I've just tried Picasa3 selecting Windows Picture and Fax Viewer and Irfanview from 'Open with' and it works in both cases.

However, if you go to Picasa3>Tools>Configure Photo Viewer, you can configure Picasa Photo Viewer to do as you require.

  ened 11:26 09 Aug 2009

The only options I seem to be able to 'configure' are what file formats should be associated with Photo Viewer.

I have set that exactly as my main machine (ie. all buttons unticked bar RAW)but still no joy.

I have completely uninstalled Picasa 3 and re-installed but this has not solved the problem either.

All I get under 'Open With' is Picasa Photo Viewer.

I must be missing a trick here!

  Stuartli 12:35 09 Aug 2009

At the bottom of the configuration panel is the opportunity to choose Don't Use Picasa Photo Viewer.

  ened 12:50 09 Aug 2009

I had that checked in the first place.

I don't seem to be getting the options either way.

  skidzy 13:23 09 Aug 2009

What exactly are you trying to achieve ?

If you wish to edit in Picasa, just double click the photo in question while in Picasa viewer and it should open in Picasa editor.

Or are you trying to edit in another program ?

Assuming im on the correct wave length.

  ened 13:38 09 Aug 2009

I find it easier to view all my RAW photos in Picasa - not least because there are unresolved bugs in Elements vi which don't allow you to view RAW pics without crashing occasionally - but I want to edit them in Elements Editor.

So I want to be able to find a pic. in Picasa and then go straight to the Editor with that pic: via the 'Open With' command.

This is possible on my main machine but not,for some reason, on my lappy.

  Stuartli 17:10 09 Aug 2009

I leave Don't Use Picasa Photo Viewer unchecked, but can still select another editing program from a photo file>right click>Open with.

Picasa3 is regularly updated, so another version may well work as you wish.

  ened 17:41 09 Aug 2009

I just went into my Pictures folder and right-clicked one of the RAW files then 'Open With'.

I browsed, found Elements Editor.exe and added it to the list, which previously had only contained Picasa.


Thanks everybody.

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