Open Office presentation.

  Simsy 12:59 31 Oct 2005

Hi folks...

I'm currently at work, so I can't test this...

If I use OpenOffice Presentation, (which I have at home), does it support the use of animated gifs in pictures?

I know Powerpoint does. What I have in mind is to make a presentaion at home, using OO, and use it at work, with PP.

It will be very simple, but what I have in mind has a couple of diagrams that are/will be animated.

Any one out there can confirm, either way, the likely success of this?

Thanks in anticipation,



  Simsy 18:32 31 Oct 2005

and for the benefit of others who may find this through a search...

I can confirm that the answer is "No"

At least, as far as I can tell.

A simple slide I inserted an animated gif into... when I play back the slide show it is not animated.



  Simsy 18:42 31 Oct 2005

Slight correction to that...

It does seem to support animated gifs, now I've worked out how to do it properly, (I'm not really used to OOffice Impress or Powerpoint so they're both a learning curve for me!), but when the file is save in PowerPoint format, and I view it back in the powerpoint viewer, the animation is lost.

Back to the drawing board!

(I'll hold off ticking this, just in case someone comes up with a workround.)

Thanks for reading.



  octal 19:00 31 Oct 2005

You want to be careful talking to yourself you know :-D

I love OO but I must admit I haven't used OO Presentation, only PowerPoint. Maybe I'll have a closer look to see if I can come up with something.

  Simsy 20:02 31 Oct 2005

appreciate it.




  octal 21:18 31 Oct 2005

I've just tried inserting an animated GIF into a slide and run the sequence and the animation works fine, so I'm not sure what you are doing.

  octal 21:24 31 Oct 2005

Ah! I've just noticed you are trying to view it in PowerPoint viewer, in that case I'm not sure because I haven't got PowerPoint on this computer as its Linux I haven't bothered installing it so I'm not going to be much help, sorry.

  Simsy 23:06 31 Oct 2005


As you did, I'd managed to get it working in OO, but not in Powerpoint.

I may just have to do it all at work. I'll report back in the fullness of time. Seeing if it works backwards may be usefull to someone.



  vinnyT 09:32 01 Nov 2005

Is there an advanced setting button on the save as screen? If there is, maybe there's a way there.

Not much help I know, but don't use any presentation software.

  alexgray104 10:06 01 Nov 2005

Bit a novice on this to, so do excuse me if i'm wrong. In Word if you save something as .rtf you can open it in lotus. Does the same principal work in OO and PPviewer???

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