Open Office Data Base Help please

  gel 09:40 22 Jan 2011


I am trying to create a simple Open Office Data

base document to hold names and telephone numbers,

but the instructions are beating me.

I would need to add to the document and hence use

the sort facility

Could someone in a very simple way give me some


Thank you


  Sea Urchin 09:47 22 Jan 2011
  Sea Urchin 09:54 22 Jan 2011

A video guide - scroll down the page

click here

  gel 10:33 22 Jan 2011

Thanks Sea Urchin

I will work through it

It should keep me quiet on a cold day


  Woolwell 11:51 22 Jan 2011

It's often easier to use a spreadsheet for a simple database and use the sort within that.

  gel 11:54 22 Jan 2011

Thanks Woolwell ,that is just what I am trying at present since all I want is something simple

I did use MS Works data base but now I am using Windows 7 it does give some problems

  Woolwell 12:06 22 Jan 2011

With all databases it is best to start by working out what you want out of it. Do you have multiple numbers for one person?
In a spreadsheet you could have a column for surname, first name, home number, work number, mobile number and then do a sort on surname. You could also add columns for post code, address etc.

  gel 12:14 22 Jan 2011

Yes that is helpful.

I think that there may be a problem when sorting but Open Office gives a choice

Just have to be careful


  robin_x 15:23 22 Jan 2011

Think I remember your previous post.

Just an idea. I didn't realise I had Works preinstalled on my laptop for months. Dunno how I missed it. Although I have never used it.
No need to uninstall it either.

Click Start then type Works in the search box just to make sure you don't have it either.

  gel 10:35 23 Jan 2011

Hello robinofloxley

You have a good memory

Yes my previous post was about data base

I do have MS works on my 2006 Dell lap top

This was installed from a disk which I had with

2002 Mesh desk top computer

So when I bought a Mesh desk top in November 2010 with windows 7 with pre installed MS office starter
I used the MS Works disc again and installed it on the new computer
Works spread sheets and Word work well but the Works Data base plays up

I can get a new Data base sheet from the MS Task Launcher but I can only retrieve it via the MS Task launcher and not from windows 7 document search
It is irritating but not life threatening

Thank you very much for your interest
Best wishes

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