Open Office and any new users trying it

  Killo Bite 14:12 26 Dec 2007

Hello all,

Just wondered if anyone has recently starting using Open Office the free office software. I would be interested in your feedback.

  tullie 14:20 26 Dec 2007

I think quite a few forum members have used it for some timei have myself,but am back with office.Its a perfectely good aplication and just down to personel preference.Open office has been around for a considerable time now.

  €dstowe 14:41 26 Dec 2007

Open Office is an excellent office suite - especially when you consider the price.

Well worth a try. It is compatible with the Microsoft product (which some aren't) and should be able to fulfil the needs of most people.

  Killo Bite 14:57 26 Dec 2007

I would buy Office 2003 Pro but carn't find a reliable source, so I would buy Office 2007 But its all this Licence only when you buy it and something about having to do it onlide to actually get a office package working. Seems very confusing how and what you need to do to get a working product from microsoft.

  €dstowe 15:21 26 Dec 2007

Do try Open Office. If it doesn't suit what you want, you can always remove it and get the MS version.

I'm gradually moving over to OO for my business (no point in throwing MS Office out from existing machines) and I'm quite happy with it for general office needs.

  Belatucadrus 15:39 26 Dec 2007

Been using Star and OpenOffice for years now and feel more at home with it than Microsofts equivalent. Only thing I haven't yet really come to grips with is the database, where I have a distinct preference for Access.

  Killo Bite 18:50 26 Dec 2007

You convinced me to try Open Office, it's also being used for my aviation hobby and my business and it would save on the pounds also.

I think Microsoft have shot themselves in the foot with the OEM Office 2007 options, they now sell office versions what they call media licence, you don't get the CD when you buy the product and have to do it online. Its a pain.

Open office is now downloaded for my trial. I am going to transfer a Excel document into it in the next few days when I get time to install O-Office. then word. I don't really use Access, power point rarely and Publisher rarely.

  LastChip 20:33 26 Dec 2007

As I almost exclusively now use Linux, Open Office is the default office application.

To be honest, although I admit to not being an office "power user", I really can't fault it.

  Killo Bite 23:07 26 Dec 2007

Didn't understand what you mean't. Do you mean Open Office is your defualt office suite and you also use MS Office and car't really fault that ?

  justme 23:47 26 Dec 2007

I think that what LastChip means is that Open Office is provided free with most if not all ersions of Linux and that he uses it very often and is very happy with it.

For most users Open Office has more than enough power to do almost anything that MS Office can do. Only if you require all the knobs, bells and whistles which are included in MS Office is it worth buying an overpriced program.

The majority of people will never use everything included in MS Office.

  justme 23:52 26 Dec 2007

"ersions of Linux" should read Versions of Linux.

I suspect that Open Office just could not resist giving the "v" to MS Office.

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