Open office 3

  kindly 20:22 22 Mar 2009

Hi everyone. Because I reset my computer back to factory settings, I have put all my programs back in and updated all of the windows things. The only disc I cannot find is my Microsoft works suite.
So I downloaded Open office 3. It seems ok. I do find though, it is heavy on the resorses. I find my fan seems to go a lot when in word processor. Checking the Task manager tells me its using a lot of processor time also.
I was just wondering if anyone has used this program and finds a similar thing happening.
Cheers everyone.

  brundle 20:33 22 Mar 2009

I always make these adjustments after installing (reduce memory footprint, disable Java) - click here.

  LinH 20:35 22 Mar 2009


It shouldn't be too heavy on system resources as compared to Microsoft Word the Open office version is much 'lighter'

I don't know much about the Microsoft Works word processor, though I believe it is different to the full Office xxxx version.

Overall you should find Open Office more than capable for the average user, and it only takes up a fraction of the hard disk space.

Persevere with it, you won't be disappointed.


  kindly 13:06 23 Mar 2009

I have followed the sugestion in your post brundle to see if any difference.

LinH, I will carry on with it but it gets on my nerves a bit with the fan kicking in all the time. Its ok on all other programs and I have cleaned out the fins and all that to make sure its cleasn machine.
Thanks for your comments.

  shellship 16:08 23 Mar 2009

Non-computer literate mate of mine had Tosh laptop with MS Works preloaded. Found it less than easy to use and nbg for sending files to others except by saving everything as rtf. Downloaded Open Office and is a happy as Larry.

  BT 16:27 23 Mar 2009

It only seems to be using minimal CPU resources on mine. About 2% when idle, about 11% when typing. Works W/P and Word are similar.
That's on XP/Pentium4 and straight 'out of the box' as it were.

  kindly 20:53 23 Mar 2009

I have just opened open office writer. Opened task manager then checked what open office runs at....50% processor power
......85,000k memory
and the line in task manager that has this in is named ....soffice.bin
When I open any other part of the program they run with hardly any resorces being used.
Dam funny if you ask me.

  iscanut 21:02 23 Mar 2009

Have just had a look at my pc with Open Office running.. Only between 1% & 3% CPU usage and soffice.bin using 4,350k. No idea why your setup should be much different from mine or that of BT above.

  iscanut 21:02 23 Mar 2009

Have not disabled Java or anything else...

  kindly 07:30 24 Mar 2009

I am going to uninstall it and put it back in to see if it makes any difference. Will post back and let you know.

  BT 07:57 24 Mar 2009

And I tested mine with IE running at the same time on this forum.

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