Open Office 2.2

  swapper 11:01 28 Jul 2007

Win XP Pro.

I am now using Open Office 2.2
I find that it can take up to 20 seconds to open.
Is this normal?
It seems to be the only programme that I use that is slow.


  €dstowe 11:37 28 Jul 2007

I've just checked and, yes, I suppose it does take a few seconds more than Office takes to open but, as I normally have other things to do whilst my programs are becoming usable,I've never previously noticed.

I'm not going to let it bother me as Open Office has numerous advantages, not least that of price, that overcome considerations like a few seconds extra in its opening time.

  yaesu 11:40 28 Jul 2007

Hey, what would you do with 20 seconds if it opened instantaneously?!!! yaesu.

  Trackrat 11:41 28 Jul 2007

It generally takes about 10 seconds on both of my computers.

  Pine Man 11:48 28 Jul 2007

Open Office 9 seconds.
MS Office 2.5 seconds.

Hardly worth the worry :-)

  octal 13:42 28 Jul 2007

3 seconds on Linux :D

  brundle 13:46 28 Jul 2007

There are a couple of things you can do to speed it up a bit; click here

  €dstowe 14:07 28 Jul 2007

Please don't let this get like that extraordinarily protracted correspondence some time ago on speeding up the opening times of Adobe Reader where someone had actually gone to the trouble of creating a dedicated program to shorten the opening time from 4 seconds to 3 - or something like that, I don't remember the fine detail.

  swapper 22:53 28 Jul 2007

thanks everyone, I agree, what is 20 seconds?
Open Office is excellent after all.
I suppose the trouble is that these days we all want things done "yesterday".
I'm happy, so I'll resolve this bearing in mind the comments.

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