Open GL Graphics Problem

  Thin White Duke 19:57 04 Jan 2003
  Thin White Duke 19:57 04 Jan 2003

Howdy all,

Heres the problem. Whenever i startup SOF2 or MohAA i get an Open GL problem. Apparantly my graphics card isn't Open GL compatable.

Now this is probably due to me trying to get my new graphics card to work (very unsuccessful), and have since put back in my old graphics card (which ran SOF2 and MohAA without fault).

I have updated the drivers but the problem is still there.

I haven't re-installed either games yet, could that be the problem?

Please help a frustrated gamer!

  powerless 20:00 04 Jan 2003

OK, can you tell us your full system specification please...

Also the operating system, win98, winXP...

Also describe how the installation of your new grpahics card was unsucessful.

  Thin White Duke 20:05 04 Jan 2003

No problem.

Windows XP, P3 800, 256 SDRam.

Regarding my new gfx card, it appears that my mobo (chaintech) won't take it.

Anything else?

  PSF 20:09 04 Jan 2003

Take a look at the open gl site for more info:click here and download the GLsetup program.

  Thin White Duke 20:17 04 Jan 2003

I looked, but it doesn't support XP :(

  powerless 20:42 04 Jan 2003

Go to > Start > Contol Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Click the + next to Display Adapters > Higlight your graphics card.

Now right click and choose unistall, then click "ok"

Restart your machine...

You shouldnt have to do anything being you have Windows XP. Now try your game if it works then you owe me £1, 000, 000 if it dosnt i would say update your graphics drivers...

If that works £2, 000, 000 please...


If non of the above works amm outta of ideas. I thought it would be the drivers.

  PSF 21:26 04 Jan 2003

What graphics card do you have?
Most cards support Open GL.

  Thin White Duke 00:03 08 Jan 2003

Powerless: Looks like i can keep my wallet in my pocket :D

PSF: It's a Riva TNT 16MB (pooh i know but it does a hreat job). I never had this problem until i tired to install my newly acquired GeForce2 64MB card.

So why now?

  PSF 22:15 08 Jan 2003

Did you try and run the GL setup to see if would work with your card?
click here

  Thin White Duke 00:10 09 Jan 2003

It won't work for XP :(

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