Open GL???

  NIGEY 18:56 01 Mar 2003

hi everyone just downloaded the demo for medal of honour allied assult installed it went to play it when the following error appeared
"could not load open gl subsystem" only knowing the basic about comps i think this isnt the basics so could some more knowing comp user please advise whats neede im running wxp oem version is oem??? you see it was dirt cheap of the net....????
thanx in anticipation and advance
nigey ;-)

  Elrond 18:58 01 Mar 2003

Not sure about the initial prob but I can tell you that your OEM version is the fully functional windows but dirt cheap because, you don't get any tech support from Microsoft. Technically I don't think you shud have bought it without buying some hardware, don't know if you did or didn't. So no worries about your windows

  powerless 19:01 01 Mar 2003

"could not load open gl subsystem"

Update your video drivers

nVIDIA Card click here

ATI Card click here

  NIGEY 19:06 01 Mar 2003

hi powerless my drivers up to date m8 updated them when installed this dirt cheap xp version only 2 weeks ago so it aint that ....even a broadband took me 40 mins to d/load so please help ill be damned if i gonna let it beat me....thanx again all

  powerless 19:11 01 Mar 2003

What driver version do you have and what video card?

  NIGEY 19:13 01 Mar 2003

i have a nvidia geforce3 ti 2000 128ddrmb
drivers bang up to date went to the link you said and last drivers released

  powerless 19:28 01 Mar 2003


I'm looking. Some say use your original drivers that came with your card and some say update.

Some say you have to edit the win.ini file but its different in XP so it will not apply.

Have you updated windows?

  NIGEY 19:34 01 Mar 2003

yeah it tells me there are no updates currently avaliable only for stuff like win media player n stuff but i do check often for updates in fact it udates it self and a message pops up telling me udates available for d/load so i always get them...hmmmm good one this eh???

  powerless 19:40 01 Mar 2003


Update the driver - You have done (ticked)

Edit a file - Cannot do, does not apply (half ticked) But just to rule it out...

Ok this is what i got from a site. This one infact click here

Heres what it says on the error.

Go to Start > Run and in the run box type "Sysedit" without the quotes and click the OK button.

When Sysedit comes up you should see a bunch of cascaded windows, select the window that says Win.ini above it.

The Win.ini window should come to the foreground, scroll through the list of items until you come to [DrawDib].

Look for a line under [DrawDib] that says DVA=0 and remove it.

Click File, then Save and close the Sysedit program.

Try the game at this point.

If you do not see the DVA=0 line under the [DrawDib] section, then this is not the cause of your problem. DVA stands for Direct Video Access, and is commonly set to 0 to fix issues with older games or video problems with old software. Unfortunately it causes the game to not recognize OpenGL support on your system as well. The only way to fix this is to remove that line. This should not affect anything on your system.

Have fun ;-)

  powerless 19:42 01 Mar 2003


  NIGEY 19:56 01 Mar 2003

thanx for ya time both....powerless done all that and drawdib isnt there drawn a blank there.....sorry to be a pain but hey computers eh dont we just love them?
;-)have checked by the way
and im all up to date so where now
hey i got a feeling im gonna get kicked out this forum......:-)for being a useless member!!!

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