Open excel doc without having excel

  palinka 18:46 22 Jan 2004

If I want to send a Word doc to someone who doesn't have word I can save the doc in RTF and they can open it; is there any equivalent for Excel?

  VoG II 18:49 22 Jan 2004

They can get a free viewer click here

  AndyJ 18:51 22 Jan 2004

If you just want to view them then Quick View Plus is excellent click here

  palinka 19:08 22 Jan 2004

thanks folks. I was really hoping for some means of saving so that all the recipients had to do was click on the attachment when they receive it. But at least i can pass your suggestions on.

  VoG II 19:10 22 Jan 2004

If they get the Excel viewer it will associate itself with Excel files so all they will need to do is click on the attachment.

  Simsy 21:17 22 Jan 2004

If they do have another spreadsheet programme, and you just want them to see the calculated data, if you save the file as a .csv then I think most other s/sheets will make a good effort at showing stuff correctly. This is not as good a suggestion as VOG's about the excel viewer, but it may be quicker if you ned to get it to someone in a hurry.

Also, depending on how complicated the excel file is, (graphics/macros/conditional formatting etc), it is possible to open an Excel file in other spreadsheet progs, that are free, noteably;

OpenOffice at click here which makes a very good job of opening them using the "autopilot" feature,

or the spreadsheet that come with the free version of easyoffice at click here

or the cheap suites available from ability at click here or 602 at an address I can't quite remember. These last 2 are not free, (602 used to be), but they both offer a free 30 day trial.

(I suspect in any instance it would be better to save as an early version of Excel, if you can do so without loosing features.)

Also, if they just need to "see" the spreadsheet you can present it in different ways, such as a pdf file. (Do a search for free pdf converters... also available in the easy office suite I mentioned earlier). Or perhaps you could import it as a table into a word doc and save as rtf. (I think rtf supports tables?). Or even, in extreme case, do a screen capture and save it as an image!

Good luck,



  Simsy 21:31 22 Jan 2004

I stand corrected, 602 is still available as a free version...

click here

Good luck,



  palinka 10:46 23 Jan 2004

thanks everyone. sounds like there is a solution - I'll look at each of them and take it from there.Thanks for all your ideas.

  Simsy 12:05 25 Jan 2004

and come across something else that might be suitable... save the file as an interactive webpage...

I'm not sure if Excel needs to be installed on the other machine or not for this to work... I think not, because having done this, and deleted the original .xls file it still works, which indicates to me that everything must be within the HTML code. I have no idea how this works in the background, and I can't test here at work. I can test later, from home...

From within the Excel Spreadsheet select File>"Save as Web Page..."

Choose suitable name

Tick "Add interactivity"

Click "Publish"

In the next dialogue box selct options as required and click "Publish"

(Note that "Publish", in this context seesm to mean "save the file as an HTML file to the indicated destination", i.e location on your HDD)

This produces a webpage that contains a version of the spreadsheet. This HTML file can then be emailed.

I think you may loose some cosmetic detail, such as conditional formatting, but it should work.

Note I am currently trying this using Excel XP at work. I'm sure it is a feature that is also available in Excel 2000, but I don't know about earlier.

Good Luck,



  Simsy 16:12 25 Jan 2004

this can't be read without certain "Microsoft Office Web Components" being installed. I presume these are installed as part of the "Office" installation.

If this has been installed then it's likely that Excel is installed as well, meaning that this is not a route round the problem..

Oh well.



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