Open Comm - Can't open port

  Dreamingman 11:45 22 Apr 2003


I have a friend's p266MMX Laptop (64Mb Ram, Win 95b), and am trying to install a new PCMCIA modem. I have installed it, but running diagnostics on the modem results in the above error, and of course Win 95 tells me the modem is busy, or being used by another programme when I attempt to dial. The port 3 is working fine, and in devices, there are no conflicts for the ports, modems or PCMCIA (although I did initially have to reistall the drivers for the card bus from the Win 95 CD).

Additionally, on boot, windows re-detects 'new hardware' (I assume the modem), reinstalls it, and then in devices, 2 modems appear, one with a conflict. Removing the conflicting one has no effect.

My friend informs me that 'his mate did something to it' before handing it to me. I found this information particularly useful.....

Does anyone know where I am going wrong, or what I should do next?


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