"open AL"

  clucker 21:31 11 Apr 2006

Has anybody heard of "open AL", I am trying to play quake 4 on my pc, I finally got it installed after several problems, but now I can get as far as chooseing my dificulty level, the game starts to load & then i am presented with the games main menu again,my pc meets the manufacturers minimum spec & i have installed the latest drivers to graphics & sound as advised in the readme. my audio is "Via AC97 Audio Controller".
In the quake 4 advanced audio settings it tells me:- 1.sound device: no choices defined, 2.Warning your sound card does not support open AL.Anyboady any ideas or does someone want to buy a cheap copy of Quake4..??

  Rtus 21:38 11 Apr 2006

maybe you mean this >>

click here

  clucker 21:50 11 Apr 2006

That's it..!! but unless i am missing something a bit obvious, i cant see how it downloads into my via ac97 controller

  clucker 21:54 11 Apr 2006

OH..! & I have downloaded & installed "OpenAL 1.1 Installer for Windows and OpenAL 1.1 SDK for Windows". They didn't make any difference that i could see & the game still does the same as above.

  remind 21:58 11 Apr 2006

click here
"If you select OPENAL in the Quake 4 menu and the game crashes all the time and it will not give you the choice to Unselect OpenAL just open the game directory ,Open q4base then look for the Quake4config file then open it with notepad, look for 'seta s_useOpenAL "1"' and change the '1' to a '0' this will switch off the OpenAL support and let you put the game on again - It saves you having to uninstall all the time."

  clucker 22:30 11 Apr 2006

Thanks REMIND, I checked out the file you suggested it is already set to "0", I shall have to leave it till 2moz now, I'll look at your link also..!!

  clucker 12:34 12 Apr 2006

Have tried remind's advice, still the same..!!

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