Oops ... a link is broken

  stlucia2 20:59 26 Mar 2013

My club's web site www.lmas.org.uk has a problem which I can't figure out:

It has several pages of photos. The other day I added six new photos to the Slope Soaring picture gallery, but five of them won't return properly to the picture selection page after viewing. The photos are displayed as thumbnails on slopePICS.htm, and clicking on each thumbnail takes you to a new page containing the full-size photo. Each of these pages is a clone of all the others, with appropriate references and titles inserted according to which photo they're for; slopea3.htm and slopea4.htm are examples, relating to the third and fourth photo in the top row of thumbnails.

My problem is that whereas slopea3 returns correctly to slopePICS.htm when either the photo itself, or "Back" button are clicked, slopea4 reports a broken link. slopea1 and slopea2 work correctly too, but slope_b1 to _b4 don't.

Needless to say the site works fine on my PC, but fails when viewed from the internet. I've reviewed the code and cannot see where slopea3.htm and slopea4.htm differ -- both of their "Back" buttons have identical code as far as I can see.

So, why should it be reporting a broken link? Any ideas please?

  beynac 08:45 27 Mar 2013

It's to do with the case of the letters in the link. The return page is "SlopePICS.HTM". The links which don't work are pointing at "slopePICS.HTM", with a lower case s. It works on your computer because Windows is not case-sensitive for links. Your website is hosted on a server which uses Linux, which is case-sensitive. It is best to use all lower case characters on pages, folders and extensions within your website (eg "slopepics.htm"). This would prevent this problem.

  stlucia2 11:48 27 Mar 2013

Well spotted beynac, and thankyou. Even after you've pointed it out, it's still not obvious that it's different case "S" on my hard copy printout that I've been staring at for hours. Anyway, I'm going to the source code to change it, and will upload the corrected version shortly.

I don't deliberately use a mixture of upper and lower case -- sometimes it seems that my software decides which it wants to use, especially when it comes to file extensions.

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