Oops accidentally deleted program files - help!

  Moondog 12:58 19 Sep 2004

I'm a PC novice, when trying to tify up my stsrt up programs (win98SE) I appear have deleted everything at the same time.

At the DOS prompt I have messages such as;
"The following file is missing our corrupted : C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND\DISPPM.SYS there is an error on yuor CONFIG.SYS file on line 10.

A friend has told me how to re-install Windows 98 from the CD, but is worried if I do I will lose all my data.

Anyone help me recover all my files before re-installing ?....any help much appreciated

  Original_Bagpuss 13:07 19 Sep 2004

Recovery of your operating system will be difficult with windows 98. Your friends suggestion might work, and be easier to do. But be aware of the pitfalls before you start. Firstly, when re-installing do not allow windows to re-format the drive or create new partitions and ignore dire warnings about installing two operating systems on the same partition. Instruct the install program to install windows 98 into the existing folder on the main partition overwriting the existing files

  Valvegrid 13:08 19 Sep 2004

You won't lose your data by reinstalling Windows, it will just overwrite and replace the operating system files only. If your friend has told you how to reinstall, follow his instructions, if you're still not sure, come back and one of us will take you through it, it is quite easy.

  €dstowe 13:09 19 Sep 2004

This is no help to you at the moment but, can I suggest that you read and take note of this thread for future reference.

click here

  Valvegrid 13:13 19 Sep 2004

These step-by-step insructions may help:

click here

  Moondog 12:51 16 Oct 2004

I re-installed win98, all my data appears to be there but apart from Office docs, I can't get at anything else, because it appears none of my hardware drivers have been installed. I'm at a loss what to do......any tips ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:14 16 Oct 2004

Now your Windows sytem is re installed you need to install the hardware drivers from tyhe disks that came with them.

Motherboard disk / graphics card disk /modem disk etc. If you haven't got them the drivers are available on the Web if you know what make of equipment.
Everest Home Edition click here will scan your computer and give you a list of parts.

  Moondog 13:42 16 Oct 2004

Thanks Fruit Bat, unfortunatally I've not got the original disks, nor can I get access to the internet with my damaged PC because the modem won't work (I am using by firms laptop at the moment) I will check out the everest site to see if the scanning software can be downloaded to a floppy disk. If you know of any other solution please let me know......cheers

  Moondog 13:46 16 Oct 2004

I ought to have realised the download would be too large 3mb, I really need to at least get the modem working...any ideas ?

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