O&O Defrag 10 (Professional Edition) - Free

  Graphicool1 11:40 28 Dec 2009

click here

The Bad News - For those of you who have moved on to Win7. Alas, this package won't work for you!

  johndrew 14:19 28 Dec 2009

Many thanks.

  GaT7 18:49 29 Dec 2009

Thanks & bump^.

Btw, it works with Win7 if you use Vista compatibility mode - successfully installed & ran in 64-bit too.

The free MyDefrag click here (formerly JKDefrag) also works in Win7 64-bit - no compatibility mode required. G

  johndrew 10:36 30 Dec 2009

Thanks for that.

The subject offer appears to have lapsed as I have had no response to my registration (it should have elicited an e-mail with the key) and I am looking for a better defrag tool so I`ll give this a go.

  Andsome 10:57 30 Dec 2009

My question is just how good are these programs when compared with Diskeeper? Diskeeper can defrag continuously in the background, and can also defrag the boot files if required. In my opinion it is well worth every penny.

  Input Overload 17:09 30 Dec 2009

I used version 10 of O&O & it takes far longer than Diskeeper or Perfect Disc. I have recently been using Puran Defrag which is a lightweight compared to the two just mentioned & does a boot defrag & you can set it to defrag while your PC is idle.

Fit it & forget it, worth looking at. BTW I will only use a defragger with Boot defrag facility too.

Some on here don't defrag, & I must admit with SATA 2 hard drives the argument for them is dwindling, but I still think it makes a difference. click here The load on the PC while idle is almost zero.

  Graphicool1 17:55 30 Dec 2009

It certainly makes a difference on my PC whether I defrag or not. It always speeds my PC up after a defrag. As yet I haven't run 'O&O' I normally use 'Auslogics Disk Defrag' and incidental 'Auslogics Reg Cleaner' also. I have no problems or complaints with either. I just like to try new Freeware.

I don't go along with the philosophy 'If it ain't broke don't fix it'! Because even if it ain't broke, that doesn't mean you can't improve it!

My WinXP PC is 7 years old and really zippy. A friend of mine bought a Vista laptop earlier this year and it runs like a slug. We were on the phone yesterday, we were both accessing the same web site. My PC did it in a quarter of the time it took him. I said wow your lappy is slow. He said no, it's not my lappy the Net is running slow! No comment.

  Graphicool1 18:14 30 Dec 2009

O&O Defrag 10 'IS' still available

  GaT7 18:39 30 Dec 2009

"The subject offer appears to have lapsed as I have had no response to my registration (it should have elicited an e-mail with the key)..."

johndrew, check your spam folder as well. I received my email with key 5-10 minutes later. I entered my initials only in the name fields. G

  johndrew 10:08 31 Dec 2009

Checked my spam and web mail for a response and have tried again - still no go. Can anyone supply the address from which the e-mail containing the key was sent in case there is a filter which may affect it, please?

  johndrew 10:31 31 Dec 2009

I have now e-mailed the Customer Support people at O&O Software in case there is some sort of problem of my making. See what happens.

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